Can You Use a Marine Battery in a Car? [The Car Batteries]

A marine battery is a battery that is used in boats. It can either be used as a starting battery or a deep-cycle battery or used as both. The marine batteries are hybrid batteries used to run the engine and perform as a house battery. The marine batteries and the car batteries are both made for their different operations.

Therefore, if one replaces one of the batteries with the other, there will be inevitable consequences that they have to go through. Different people will have different answers when asked such a question. Some say that using a marine battery in a car is possible, while others go against that. This article will cover factors that differentiate the two batteries and help you decide if you can replace the car battery with the marine battery.

Can you use a marine battery in a car?Use Marine Battery in a Car

Using a marine battery in your car depends on the need that you want to use it. For example, if the purpose of using your marine battery is to start the car engine, the marine battery will give you enough power to run the machine. However, before using the marine battery in your car, you need to check the battery’s voltage. The 12 volts battery is the one suitable for use in a vehicle. The 12 volts will make it work as a deep-cycle battery and also a starter.

The meaning of a marine batteryThe meaning of a marine battery

A marine battery is a boat that is used in the engines of marine ships. The amount of charge that it discharges is what differentiates the marine battery from the other batteries. The marine battery has been designed in a way that it can withstand all the vibrations of the boat without collapsing. The marine battery is more than the car battery, even if we look at the physical sturdiness.

The marine batteries can function as a regular house battery and also as a cranking battery. These batteries need to have enough power to start the boat engine and provide sufficient energy for running other boat accessories. Therefore, marine batteries always offer a large amount of energy to help create your boat and run the other boat accessories over some time. When compared to the average batteries, the marine batteries have a thicker plate on them.

The car batteriesThe car batteries

The car batteries have been designed to give a large amount of current sufficient for starting the car. After starting the vehicle, the battery will be out of use and recharged by the alternator as the car moves. Due to that, most of the car batteries are starter batteries. In addition, the car batteries can provide power to the other car accessories such as the light, the car alarm, and the instrument panel once in a while.

The plates of the car batteries are thinner than the plates of the marine batteries. The thicker batteries of the marine battery help them discharge more current upfront to start an engine.   Again the marine batteries can withstand harsh conditions.

The requirements of using a marine battery in a carThe requirements of using a marine battery in a car

The marine battery does not give the required energy when starting a car. However, they can replace the car batteries of vehicles that have a tiny engine. If the marine battery meets the voltage requirements, the size, the rate of CCA, and the positions of the terminal, one can use the battery in place of a car battery. These requirements include the following.

  • It can be recharged by an alternator and has a voltage of 12v.
  • The marine battery chosen should be of the correct size. For example, the typical dimensions of car batteries are 24f, 35, 51R, 58, etc.
  • The marine battery chosen should meet the rate requirements of CCA of either 650 or 800 CCA for starting the engine.

The terminal positions of the marine battery that you use must be suitable for modifying the storm’s hold-down and changing the terminal ends. The marine battery size does not allow them to fit in the trays of a car battery and let the hoods close.

One should not use the marine deep-cycle battery unless they intend to use the aspect of deep-cycle for some accessories that use electric power. It is because it costs more to start a marine battery than starting a car battery. Other than that, the use of deep-cycle batteries can damage the alternator.

When the weather is too cold below -10 degrees Celsius, the marine batteries cannot be used in 8cranking the car batteries because they need a higher current. In such a scenario, it is recommended to use marine batteries because they are not made for the car, and if used in automobiles, their life span will fall.

FAQs About Use a Marine Battery in a Car:

  • Can a marine battery be better than a car battery?

Depending on the purpose of both batteries, it is not fair to say that one is better than the other. Each battery is designed to perform different jobs, and they are better for those jobs. For example, the car battery will require many currents to start the vehicle engine and get the motor working. After releasing that high current, the car battery will be recharged by the alternator when the car is still in motion.

The recharging feature and ability to release high initial currents in the car battery make it best to be used in the cars. On the other hand, the marine batteries will provide a faster and full discharge while still running. Moreover, due to the higher reserve capacity of the marine artillery, they have a long and smooth running.

The alternator

The deep-cycle battery can be charged if you do not choose the storm and operate the car for quite some time. Since the alternators are not made to charge the depleted batteries, the alternator will not fully charge the deep-cycle battery. The drained deep-cycle batteries can only be charged using a charger.

In addition to that, one can charge the marine batteries by connecting them in parallel with the car batteries.

  • Is it OK to use a deep cycle battery in a car?

One can use a deep-cycle battery in the car, but the only disadvantage is that the deep-cycle battery will reduce the battery’s life span. Therefore, when doing a practical, it is advisable to use a second-hand battery for the other accessories of the car.


In conclusion, it is possible to use the marine battery in place of the car battery, although it is not an intelligent choice when considering the consequences that occur as a result. The only best way to use the marine battery in a car is to power the other vehicle accessories, such as the lights, alarms, the audio system of the vehicle, etc.

Again, there is a big difference between marine batteries and car batteries in construction and use. However, both marine and car batteries use the lead to function. Therefore they all need to be handled with care when recharging and replacing them to avoid accidents such as shock and burns. Also, it is essential to always check the batteries and other components connecting them for safety.

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