Compare Between Stihl MS 500i vs 661- Which One Is Best?

Stihl ms 500i and 661 usually have the same appearance since they are from the same manufacturer. Also, they function the same, and many users prefer purchasing them according to their taste. Despite having the same appearance and performing the same, the machines have some differences.

So, what are the differences between Stihl ms 500i and 661? Don’t worry; some differences will help you choose the best device between the two. The two gadgets differ in terms of Sound pressure, Sound power level, and power to weight ratio.

Luckily, the article gives a quick comparison table between the two chainsaws to help the user understand faster. It also describes the similarities and differences between the chain saws. Moreover, the article shows the pros and cons of each device, the buying guide, and the FAQs.

A quick comparison table between Stihl ms 500i and 661

Comparison Stihl ms 500i

Stihl ms 661

Weight 6.2 kg 7,4 kg
Measurements Its displacement is around 79.2 cm³ Vibrations that are 6,9 divide 5,6 m/s²
Sound pressure level Around 106 dB(A) To 105 dB(A)
Power to weight ratio 1.2 kg/kW 1,4 kg/kW
Saw chain pitch It is approximately three over 8″(3/8) It is approximately 3 over 8”(3/8)
Sound power level Around 119 dB(A) Exact 118 dB(A)

Differences between Stihl ms 500i and 661stihl ms 500i vs 661

The two devices usually perform the same function. Despite their functionality, they have some differences that uniquely identify them, and they are in the article below;

  • Weight

The Stihl ms 500i is lighter than the 661. The Stihl 500i device weighs approximately 6.2 kgs while the other weighs approximately 7.4 kgs. Their weight makes them portable from one place to another for an easy sawing process.

  • Measurements

The density and vibrations of each machine vary. For example, the Stihl ms 500i has a displacement that is around 79.2 cm³. The Stihl 661 device comes with some vibrations that are around 6,9 divided 5,6 m/s². Therefore, before choosing any machine to use, it is essential to consider the density and vibrations to get the best device that suits your taste.

  • Sound pressure level

Regarding sound pressure levels, you will notice that Stihl 500i has a higher sound pressure level than 661. The pressure level of the 500i is approximately 106 dB(A), while that of the 661 is 105 dB(A). Such a feature makes the 500i more effective.

  • Energy to heaviness ratio

The electricity depends on the mass of the machine. The power to weight ratio for the 500i machine is 1.2 kg/kW, while that of the 661 devices is 1.4 kg/kW. The best way to obtain the power to weight ratio results of the two devices is by measuring them effectively.

  • Sound power level

A Stihl 500i device usually has a higher sound power level than the other. The machine exceeds the other by one, and it is around 119 dB(A). For the Stihl 661 chain saw, the sound power level is 118 dB(A), making it suitable for people who wish to use a low sound power level.

Similarities between Stihl ms 500i and 661Similarities between Stihl ms 500i and 661

  • Portability and flexibility

The chain saw machines are highly user-friendly, making them ideal for both novice and professional users. Because of their lightweight, they are easily transportable and suitable for sawing in remote areas. If you want to utilize the welding devices in a rural location, you can use generators to power them, but the generator must be pretty robust.

  • Chain saw pitch

When looking at the saw chain pitch, the two devices have the same saw chain pitch. Their chain pitch usually ranges three over 8” (3/8), making them similar. If you are not keen, you may not differentiate the two machines through the saw chain pitch.

  • Warranty

The two devices usually come with a warranty period that helps the users make some replacements if the device goes bad. Its warranty is around two to three years, depending on the model and the device’s internal parts.

  • Functionality

Both devices perform the same function that is cutting trees, woods, among others. Their similar functionality makes them challenging to distinguish from each other. Therefore, it is essential to look for some advanced features to get the best device that can satisfy your choices.

  • Durability

All the devices are made from a material that is long-lasting and is robust. The devices last longer, up to even five years.

Pros Cons of Stihl ms 500i

  • Light in weight hence portable.
  • High sound pressure and power level.
  • Durable.
  • Uses low power to weight ratio.

  • Expensive.
  • Requires higher power than the 661i.

Pros Cons of Stihl ms 661

  • Durable.
  • Comes with a warranty period.
  • Portable.
  • High rapid super chain type.

  • A bit heavier than 500i.
  • Expensive.
  • A bit low sound power and pressure level.

 Buying guide for the two machines

  • Size Buying guide for the two machines

The heaviness of a chainsaw is proportional to its size. As a result, the bigger the gadget, the bulkier it will be. Look at the size of the saw while you’re still at the dealer’s shop to see if you’ll be eligible to function with it or if you should get a lesser one.

  • Cost

Their power determines the value of chainsaws and their usage. When compared to an elector saw, the cost of a gas chainsaw is significantly higher. When it comes to cutting down trees, a fuel saw is more efficient and functional than an electronic saw.

  • Intention

To enhance productivity, you should first identify the tasks you wish to execute with the chainsaw before purchasing it. On the other hand, such light chores do not necessitate heavy-duty chainsaws because they can be easily cut with a bit of chainsaw. If you need a chainsaw to cut enormous trunks of trees or to cut down trees in your yard, on the other hand, ensure sure to obtain a trustworthy and heavy-duty chainsaw.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • Which is the most recommended chain saw between Stihl ms 500i and 661?

The most recommended is Stihl ms 500i due to many benefits, e.g.High sound pressure and power level., portable, durable, and uses low power to weight ratio.


Choosing the best chain saw is essential. Before making any plan of buying the device, read the review above. Compare the two devices and pick one that suits your preferences perfectly.

Finally, consider some factors before buying any chain saws. For example, consider the saw chain pitch, displacement, etc. Also, ensure they have a warranty period to help you reduce the additional costs of purchasing another device.

To know More information about Stihl MS 500i vs 661 you should watch this video below.

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