Which One to Choose Between Stihl MS 362 vs Husqvarna 562xp

Chain saws are essential and helpful in cutting some materials such as wood. There are two standard chain saws that many people prefer to use, and they are; Stihl ms 362 and Husqvarna 562xp. Despite the two devices being practical, they have some differences that make them distinguishable from one another.

What are the differences between Stihl ms 362 and Husqvarna 562xp? Yes, there are many differences between the two devices regarding cylinder displacement, sound pressure level, and vibrations. For example, Stihl ms 362 is around 5.6kgs, and that of Husqvarna 562xp is 6.1 kg.

Fortunately, the article gives a comparison between Stihl ms 362 and Husqvarna 562xp. Also, it shows the similarities, such as functionality. Also, it shows the best buying guide for both chain saws, including their pros and cons. Finally, it shows the FAQs, including the most recommended between the two chain saws. Therefore, please read the article below carefully and choose the best machine that suits your desires.

A quick comparison table between Stihl ms 362 and Husqvarna 562xp

Comparison Stihl ms 362 Husqvarna 562xp
Saw chain pitch It is approximately three over 8″(3/8) It is approximately 3 over 8”(3/8)
Measurements It’s approximately 20 inches Around 18 inches
Cylinder displacement 59.0 cc Exact 59.8 cm cubic
Vibrations 5,6 m/s² 3.2 m/s²
Sound pressure level Around 106 dB(A) To 106 dB(A)
Sound power level Around 119 dB(A) Exact 118 dB(A)
Weight 5.6 kg 6.07 kg

Differences between Stihl ms 362 and husqvarna 562xpstihl ms 362 vs husqvarna 562xp

The two chain saws perform the same function, and they may have some resemblance. Also, there are some differences that many people wish to know and are in the information below.

  • Measurements

The machines have different measurements since they come in different shapes. For example, the Stihl ms 362 has a height that is around 20 inches.The Husqvarna 562xp device comes with a height that has different inches and is approximately 18 inches. Therefore, before choosing any machine to use, it is essential to consider the density and vibrations to get the best device that suits your taste.

  • Cylinder displacement

The devices come with different cylinder displacements since they exist in different versions and are from different manufacturers.  The Husqvarna 562xp device has 59.5 cm cubic cylinder displacement, while Stihl ms 362 has 59.0 cc.

  • Sound power level

A Stihl 500i device usually has a higher sound power level than the other. The machine exceeds the other by one, and it is around 119 dB(A). For the Husqvarna 562xp chain saw, the sound power level is 118 dB(A), making it suitable for people who wish to use a low sound power level.

  • Weight

The Stihl ms 362 machines have a different weight than the Husqvarna 562xp. The Stihl ms 362 device weighs approximately 5.6 kg while the other weighs approximately 6.07 kgs. Their weight makes them portable from one place to another for an easy sawing process.

Similarities between Stihl ms 362 and husqvarna 562xpSimilarities between Stihl ms 362 and husqvarna 562xp

Despite the two machines having some differences, the information below shows some commonalities between them.

  • Sound pressure level

When it comes to sound pressure levels, you will notice that Husqvarna 562xp device has the same sound pressure level as 661. The pressure level of the Stihl ms 362 is approximately 106 dB(A), while that of the Stihl ms 362 is 106 dB(A). such a feature makes the 500i more effective.

  •  Saw chain pitch

When looking at the saw chain pitch, both Husqvarna 562xp and Stihl ms 362 devices have the same saw chain pitch. Their chain pitch usually ranges three over 8″ (3/8), making them similar. If you are not keen, you may not differentiate the two machines through the saw chain pitch.

  • Warranty

Warranty is a chance to replace a faulty device. The two devices usually come with a warranty period that helps the users make some replacements if the device goes bad. Its warranty is around two to three years, depending on the model and the device’s internal parts.

Pros Cons of Stihl ms 362

  • Light in weight hence portable.
  • Durable.
  • Cheaper.

  • Lacks some features such as feeling marks.

Pros Cons Of husqvarna 562xp

  • High performance
  • Has safety features such as LowVib and chain brake.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Advanced design with features such as feeling marks, etc.
  • Uses less fuel.

  • Expensive.
  • Lacks heated handles and carburettor.

Factors to consider when buying the two chain sawsFactors to consider when buying the two chain saws

Consider the following factors before making any decision of buying one of the chain saws that are; Stihl ms 362 and Husqvarna 562xp

  • power 

When selecting a chain saw machine among the two, keep in mind the current requirements. The current frequently determines the sort of tasks that the machine can accomplish.

Such suggests that users working on hard or softwoods have pretty different preferences in terms of current. Before purchasing chain saw equipment, you must learn what matters for you or the mobility you require.

  •  Size

The size and shape of a chainsaw are proportional to its size. As a result, the bigger the gadget, the bulkier it will be. Look at the size of the saw while you’re still at the dealer’s shop to see if you’ll be eligible to function with it or if you should get a lesser one.

  • Warranty period

Ensure the device comes with a warranty period. The warrant enables the user to return the chain saw to the seller if it is faulty and reduces the cost of buying another machine. The warranty period of the two machines is approximately two years and above, depending on the machine parts.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • Which is the most recommended between Stihl ms 362 and Husqvarna 562xp?

The most recommended is Husqvarna 562xp due to its many benefits such as; Has safety features such as LowVib and chain brake, durable, advanced design with features such as felling marks, and uses less fuel.


Please read the article above carefully if you wish to find the best chain saw between Stihl ms 362 and Husqvarna 562xp. See the similarities, differences, pros and cons of each chainsaw. Then, choose the best chain saw that matches your preference. Also, consider some essential factors before deciding to buy any of the devices.

Finally, when using the chain saw, take some precautions. For example, ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to service it more often. Also, seek help if you have some issues with your device before the whole chain saw becomes completely faulty.

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