Stihl MS 261 vs Husqvarna 550xp- Which Is Better?

The two common manufacturers are Stihl and Husqvarna. They manufacture two standard chain saws known as Stihl ms 261 and the Husqvarna 550xp. Both machines usually perform the same function of cutting soft and hardwoods.

What are the differences between Stihl ms 261 and Husqvarna 550xp? Yes, there are many differences between the two devices.For example, the weight of each device varies from one another.

Fortunately, the article gives a comparison between Stihl ms 261 and Husqvarna 550xp. Also, it shows the similarities, such as functionality. Also, it shows the best buying guide for both chain saws, including their pros and cons. Finally, it shows the FAQs.

A quick comparison table between Stihl ms 261 and Husqvarna 550xp


Stihl ms 261

Husqvarna 550xp

Measurements It’s approximately 15inches Around 13 to 20 inches
Cylinder capacity 500 ml Exact 5o.1 cm cubic
Noise and sound pressure level The noise level is 120 dB Sound is104 dB(A)
Weight 4.9 kg 11.7lbs

Differences between Stihl ms 261 and husqvarna 550xpDifferences between Stihl ms 261 and husqvarna 550xp

The two chainsaws perform the same function, and they may have some resemblance. Also, there are some differences that many people wish to know and are in the information below.

  • Noise and sound level

The Stihl ms 261 has a noise level of 120 dB. But, the 550xp chainsaw has a sound pressure level that is approximately 104 Db.

  • Measurements

The machines have different measurements since they come in different shapes. For example, the Stihl ms 261 has a height that is around 15 inches.The Husqvarna 550xp device comes with a height that has different inches and is approximately 13 to 20 inches. Therefore, before choosing any machine to use, it is essential to consider the density and vibrations to get the best device that suits your taste.

  • Cylinder capacity

The devices come with different cylinder capacities since they exist in different versions and are from different manufacturers.  The Husqvarna 550xp device has 50.1 cm cubic cylinder displacement, while Stihl ms 261 have 500 ml.

  • Weight

The Stihl ms 261 machine has a different weight than the Husqvarna 550xp. The Stihl ms 261device weighs approximately 4.9 kg while the other weighs approximately 11.7lbs. Their weight makes them portable from one place to another for an easy sawing process.

Similarities between stihl ms 261 and husqvarna 550xpSimilarities between stihl ms 261 and husqvarna 550xp

  • Speed is quick

The aggression and velocity of a two-motor are crucial. Both chainsaws are rapid, but Husqvarna leads by a razor-thin edge because it is faster from rest to full speed. Even during testing, you may detect it, albeit faintly. There’s no distinction if the saws have any essential revolution, and they’re both speedy.

  • Time for trimming

They’re pretty identical, and because this isn’t a valid experiment, proceed with caution. It’s also worth noting that the chaining variable has a lot greater effect than one might imagine. As a result, they are remarkably similar, except that the Stihl has a significantly quicker cut directly through. However, the difference is so minor that it is unlikely to make a distinction.

  • Warranty

Both devices must have a warranty period. If there are any problems or defaults, the customer has a certain amount of time to return it. Consider how long the warranty will last before making a purchase.

  • Efficiency is a crucial factor

Both devices are capable of the same things.

  • Architectonics

Both chainsaws are constructed from the same material and include metallic components. They can survive longer because of the toughness of the feature.

Pros Cons of Stihl ms 261

  • Design that is both robust and long-lasting
  • It’s suitable for all seasons and temperatures.
  • Excellent power output
  • Lightweight
  • Reliable
  • Qualities to look for are present
  • Efficient
  • It is more expensive than your non-professional saws.
  • Fuel and oil caps from Stihl can be problematic.

Pros Cons of Husqvarna 550xp

  • It is much easier to use and manage.
  • It’s stronger and cuts faster than other variants on the market.
  • A more responsive chain brake is included with the device.
  • The chain tensioner is now much easier to access.
  • The volume of sound waves is lowered.
  • a two-year warranty
  • Husqvarna 550xp spare parts are widely available.
  • Expensive
  • Emits a loud Sound.
  • Bit heavier than the other chainsaw.

Factors to consider when buying the two chain sawsFactors to consider when buying the two chain saws

  • It’s all about the size

When committing to a purchase, consider the amount of storing free space, the chainsaw’s weight, measurements, and engine kind. Your selection must be appropriate for your height and degree of fitness endurance. If you seem unable to bear the weight of a vast chainsaw easily, don’t buy one.

The greater the CC, the more energy it will produce, but at the cost of the device’s weight. Selecting a chainsaw that you can’t wield comfortably can result in weariness and unpleasant incidents.

  • Geography and movement

Where you intend to utilize your chainsaw may determine your purchase. If you’re operating in a forested environment, fuel chainsaws are great. Filling up the chainsaw with gas and oil makes more sense than trying to set up a portable generator in the middle of a dense forest. When using a rechargeable battery saw for huge tasks, you may find that you run out of energy first before the job is finished.

  • Learn about the different types of wood that can be in your region.

Only because you believe you have a powerful tool doesn’t guarantee it will always do the task well. You must first determine if the timber or trees you will be chopping are hard or soft.

Understanding this will assist you in determining the chainsaw energy necessary to cut through the wood efficiently. A larger blade is much more robust and required for cutting through stricter timber. It can also tolerate repetitive work, making it a superior long-term solution.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • Which is the most recommended between the two chainsaws?

The Husqvarna 550xp model comes highly recommended because of its advantages, including ease of use, excellent performance, and modern amenities.


Suppose you want to get the best chainsaw between the two. In that case, it is essential to read the article above carefully and thoroughly understand the differences and commonalities existing. Also, before using the chain saw, have a complete understanding of how it functions to avoid future damages.

Finally, take some precautions when using the two machines, including only utilizing chain saws that you have been adequately and securely taught to use. Before using a chainsaw, understand the instructions and familiarize yourself with relevant health and safety. Lastly, thoroughly study the following manufacturers.

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