Differences and Similarities Between Stihl br600 vs. Br700

Choosing the leaf blowers from the Stihl brand can be challenging to carry out, mainly because they are all from the same brand company, and maybe their differences are hard to notice. However, there must be differences that you can study and differentiate the tools.

Therefore, in the article below, we have the Stihl br600 and Stihlbr700. Their difference can be the time of the manufacturer and some features that they do add to the tools. In some cases, the features are similar with a few differences that the user needs to be keen to note.

The article below shows the features of the two tools, which form their differences and similarities. I will also recommend the best tool you can use or choose to buy among the two, which will have advantages and disadvantages. There are the FAQs and, lastly, the conclusion.

Quick comparison table


Stihl br600

Stihl br700

weight 21.6lbs 23.4lbs
speed 324 317
Noise level 107dB 75dB

Differences between Stihl br600 and br700stihl br600 vs br700

  • CMF and MPH

The Stihl br700 provides a CMF of 912, higher than the CMF of br600, which is about 677. The CMF improves the leaf blowing experience whereby, in this case, the Stihl br700 will be better than it can move considerably more leaves within a short time.

With the MPH, the Br600 has almost 238 beats with an MPH of 197 on Stihl br700, which, therefore, expels air faster and can help blow leaves on grass or lift heavy debris and wet leaves effectively.

  • Weight

The weight of Stihl br700 is about 23.4 lbs, which is slightly higher than the weight of br600, which weighs about 21.6 lbs. You can easily carry around the working place with ease without many struggles.

  • Speed

The speed, in this case, is the maximum speed of air in the leaf blower where the airspeed with the br600 is higher, which is 324 kilometers per hour while the speed of br700 is lower 317 kilometers per hour.

  • Noise level

The noise level refers to the rate of noise that the device produces when using it. The noise level at its maximum point is higher in the br600, which is not good with the ears, and lower with br700. The maximum noise level in Stihl br600 is about 107 dB, while the maximum noise level in the br700 is about 75dB.

Similarities of Stihl br600 and br700Similarities of Stihl br600 and br700

  1.  Both the leaf blowers benefit from the same level of quality and attention to detail.
  2. Both tools have a throttle located on the blower tube, which allows the user to keep the left hand free.
  3. Both tools are constructed as backpack blowers that allow users to comfortably carry out powerful engines and massive fuel tanks.
  4.  Both tools are gas-powered blowers, whereby gas is the most reliable power source you can refill quickly.
  5. Both devices have a noise ratio of 75dB, which can all be equally demanding on the ears.
  6.  Both tools have fuel tanks of the same size, whereby the users have to refill them at almost the same rates.
  7. Both have the same engine displacement that consumes the same fuel per stroke and will provide similar output.
  8. They both have a four-cycle engine which requires an oil or fuel mix.
  9. Both cannot vacuum leaves such that they need to fix a different method to work.

The most recommended type of tool to use among the twoThe most recommended type of tool to use among the two

Before recommending any tool to use, it is good to check on the tool’s details and features, plus how it functions when you are using it. If the tool has several advantages that are calling, then we can opt to use it.

In this case, I recommend using the Stihl br700 leaf blower since it has some cool features. First, it has a lower noise ratio that is calling to the ears, and that the user can work with it for a longer time. It also has a higher CMF that improves the performance of the leaf blower, encouraging the user.

However, you can decide to use the br600 since it has a high speed and is light in weight that you can move with it in too many places without getting tired of working with it for a longer time.

Stihl br600


  • It has a high speed that you can work with since it will perform its actions faster, encouraging the user to do several activities.
  • It is light in weight so you can move it from one place to another without getting tired, and you can use it to work for a longer period.


  • It has a lower CMF that reduces the performance of the device by blowing leaves.
  • The noise level is loud, which is not suitable for the ears of the user.
  • Lack the ability to vacuum leaves such that they need to fix a different method to work.

Stihl br700


  • It has a higher CMF that increases the performance of the device when blowing leaves.
  • The noise level is low, which is suitable for the ears of the user.


  • Lack the ability to vacuum leaves such that they need to fix a different method to work.
  • It has a low speed that discourages you from working with it since it will perform slower actions.
  • It is heavy and discourages you from moving from one place to another without getting tired, and you cannot use it to work for a longer period.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What are the factors to consider when buying the products?

When buying some of the products, the factors to consider include personal preference, price, and the other features the tools must contain.


The article above shows the differences and the similarities of the leaf blowers with the Stihl brand, high-quality products. When choosing the leaf blowers, consider checking their features that will guide you and then follow some factors you consider when buying some products.

There are the advantages and disadvantages of the products, and I have recommended the best device you can choose among the two. Kindly follow the article to get the best tools for your activities.

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