Stihl 500i vs. 462- Pick the Best One

Many professionals prefer using better chainsaws for their forestry and tree care activities. The two ordinary chainsaws they use include; Stihl 500i and 462. They prefer the chainsaws due to their many benefits: high cutting capacity, readily available ad they are portable from one location to another. Some find it difficult to choose between Stihl 500i and 462.

So what are the differences between Stihl 500i and 462? Despite the chainsaws performing the same function, they have some commonalities and differences. The differences exist in terms of cutting capacity, weight, power output requirements, among others. Therefore, it is essential to know the differences and some factors you can consider to get the best chainsaw that suits your desires.

If you are having difficulties knowing the differences between Stihl 500i and 462, or if you want to choose the best between the two, please read the article below carefully. It contains some differences between the two chainsaws and some similarities. Also, it includes the advantages of each chainsaw and a buying guide for both. Finally, there is a FAQ on which is the best chainsaw between the two.

A quick comparison table between Stihl 500i and 462 chainsaws

Comparison Stihl 500i Stihl 462
Weight 13.9 pounds 13.0 pounds
Displacement 79.2 cubic cm 4.40 cu
Fuel capacity 26.05oz 24.4oz
Engine power Brake horsepower of approximately 6.7 6.0 bhp
Bar length Around three by eight chain and 16 to 30 inches 25 inches
Power source Gas Gas
Powerhead weight 13.9lbs 13.20lbs

Differences between Stihl 500i and 462Stihl 500i vs. 462

Yes, some differences exist between the two chainsaws, and they include the following;

  • Weight

Each machine comes with a different weight, although they are almost similar. The Stihl 500i comes with approximately 13.9 pounds, making it heavier than the Stihl 462. The Stihl 462 weighs 13.0 pounds. Their lightweight makes them easily portable from one place to another, mainly used for tree cutting in the forest.

  • Displacement

In terms of displacement, each machine has its displacement, with the Stihl 500i having a displacement of 79.2 in cubic cm. for the Stihl 462, it has a displacement of 4.40 cu. Therefore, when choosing the suitable machine for your cutting purpose, consider the amount of displacement you want and choose one that suits your desires.

  • Fuel capacity

Fuel capacity of the amount of fuel each machine needs during its operation. Each machine requires a different fuel capacity to perform its functions effectively. The Stihl 500i chainsaw requires a fuel capacity of 26.05oz, while the Stihl 462 requires a fuel capacity of 24.4oz. Such a feature makes the two chainsaws easily distinguishable from each other.

  • Engine power

For the Stihl 500i, the engine power is approximately 6.7 horsepower. But for the other chainsaw, its engine power is slightly lower than 500i and is 6.0 bhp.

  • Bar length

Despite the two chainsaws having almost the same appearance, they have a difference in terms of bar length. The Stihl 500i is a bit longer than the Stihl 462 and ranges from 16 to 36 inches. For Stihl 462, the bar length is approximately 25 inches.

  • Powerhead weight

Stihl 500i has a different powerhead weight that is 13.9lbs. for the Stihl 462; its powerhead weight is 13.20 lbs.

Similarities between Stihl 500i and 462Similarities between Stihl 500i and 462

The two chainsaws have some standard specifications that include the following;

  • Power source

Both devices require the same power supply source to run. They use gas as a power source and, if you use a different power source such as electricity, you can damage or blow out the whole device.

  • Portability and flexibility

Both chainsaw machines are highly user-friendly, making them ideal for both novice and professional users. Because of their lightweight, they are easily transportable and suitable for sawing in remote areas. If you want to utilize the welding devices in a rural location, you can use generators to power them, but the generator must be pretty robust.

  • Warrant period

The two chainsaws, Stihl 500i and 462, usually come with a warranty period that helps the users make some replacements if the device goes bad. Its warranty is around two to three years, depending on the model and the device’s internal parts.

  • Functionality

The two chainsaws perform the same function, that is, cutting trees in a forest. Also, you can use them in the same area, unlike other chainsaws that are only essential in pruning.

  • Durability

All the devices are made from a material that is long-lasting and is robust. The devices last longer, up to even five years.

Pros Cons of Stihl 500i

  • Light in weight hence portable.
  • It is compelling.
  • High sound pressure and power level.
  • Durable.
  • Uses low power to weight ratio.
  • Expensive.
  • Requires higher power than the 661i.

Pros Cons of Stihl 462

  • Light in weight hence portable
  • The throttle response is quick.
  • It has high power and speed when running.
  • Comes in high quality.
  • Cheap

  • Lacks advanced features of 500i.
  • High sound emission when in use, unlike 500i.

Factors to consider when buying Stihl 500i and 462Factors to consider when buying Stihl 500i and 462

Consider the following factors before choosing a chainsaw for your work

  • Cost

Choose a chainsaw that is within your budget to help you make some savings and avoid additional costs. Also, don’t forget to see the quality of the chainsaw. You should buy an expensive device that will last longer and will not require frequent repair costs.

  • Intention

To enhance productivity, you should first identify the tasks you wish to execute with the chainsaw before purchasing it. If you need a chainsaw to cut enormous trunks of trees or to cut down trees in your yard, on the other hand, ensure to obtain a trustworthy and heavy-duty chainsaw.

  • Preference

Choose a chainsaw that suits your preference. Ensure it has all the qualities you may want.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • Which is the most recommended chainsaw between Stihl 500i and 462?

The most recommended is Stihl ms 500i due to many benefits, e.g., it is powerful, high sound pressure and power level., portable, durable, and uses low power to weight ratio.


In conclusion, the Stihl 500i is the best of the two due to its many benefits. But, it is essential to read the article above and choose the best chainsaw that has qualities suiting your type of work. Also, it is essential to consider some factors before deciding which chainsaw to choose.

Lastly, before you use any chainsaw, it is essential to take some precautions. One of the care is; avoid using the wrong gas when refilling the chainsaw for use. Also, remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when running the machine. In addition to that, seek help if you have any issue with the machine that you cannot troubleshoot.

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