Quick Comparison Between Stihl 461 vs 462- (Pick the Best One)

Stihl brand is the leading producer of quality products in the world today. The products 461 and 462 are the latest chainsaws in the market that the company releases. The two chainsaws need one to be keen to choose them by checking on their differences and similarities.

So what is the difference between the two saws that you need to know? The differences mainly arise from the size, weight, amount of power it uses, and some other features they contain. At the same time, the parts can be similar, making their similarities among them.

Below are the differences and similarities of the two devices. If you choose among the two items and worry about which one to choose, then worry less because I will provide the differences and similarities of the two items in the article below, their advantages and disadvantages, and FAQS and conclusion.

Quick comparison table

comparison Stihl 461 Stihl 462
Air filtration system Lacks the radial seal Has the radial seal
Signal to noise ratio 117dB 119dB
weight heavier light
acceleration slower faster

Differences between Stihl 461 vs 462stihl 461 vs 462

  • Air filtration system

Most modern air filtration systems have the HD2 air filter with the radial seal, which helps in locking so that there is nothing that enters past the filter. In short, the feature is for safety purposes. Therefore, the 461 model chainsaw has the HD2 filter but lacks the radial seal meaning the dirty can enter the filter.

On the other side, the 462 model chainsaw has a radial seal meaning it prevents the dirty particles from entering the filter, ensuring safety.

  • Tronic

The Tronic refers to the sets the saws have that make their differences. The 462 model has the Stihl Tronic technology on board. The feature is an engine management system that indicates the ignition timing and fuel metering to provide optimum performance in all conditions. On the other side, the 461 lacks the feature with it.

  • ES bar

The ES bar comes with the 462 models, while the 461 has the traditional bar that makes 462 more balanced and easy to handle than the other one.

  • Acceleration

The 462 has more features that increase its acceleration, which is fast, unlike the 461, which is a bit slower.

  • Weight

The weight of the 461 is a bit heavier than the other item since it weighs 6.7 lbs while the 462 weighs 6 lbs meaning 462 models are light, and you can move with it from one place to another with ease.

  • Signal to noise ratio

The signal to noise ratio is the ratio of noise to movements in the saw, measured in dB. The balance is 461 is 117, while the ratio is 462 is 119.

Similarities of the two devicesSimilarities of the two devices

  1. Both have the same amount of output power.
  2. Both are reliable and efficient.
  3. They have the same amount of chain pitch.
  4. Both are of the same brand which produces quality products
  5. Both are of the same purpose to cut trees and branches

Factors to consider when buying the chain saws aboveFactors to consider when buying the chain saws above

1. Guide bar length

Guide bar length refers to the active area you are cutting and the most significant size length of the wood you are missing. The length is measured from the tip of the chain to the place it enters the housing. The larger the bar length, the more complex the process of handling the chain saw, and you can quickly get injuries when using it; therefore, consider choosing chain saws with shorter guide bar length to avoid some minor issues.

2. Safety of the chainsaw

When choosing the chain saw, consider choosing one with suitable safety measures and handling it with yourself. Remember, some saws require the user to have more skills to maintain and use them. Therefore, choose a device that you are sure can handle all the activities it needs to be good.

3. Price

When choosing a machine to buy, considering the price is best because you can select a higher-priced device and cannot afford it. Therefore, when you want the vacuum cleaner, check its price first, then decide whether you will take it or not. If the price is high, you can choose to change and buy a different one for use.

4. Amount of Power

Choose a machine that uses less amount of power in your filtering process. Remember, when the engine uses less energy, it saves your electricity bills at your industry as the user.

5. Portability

Portability means the ability to move the device from one place to another. So when choosing the best widget for use at home with vacuum filters, check the device’s portability. Portability matters a lot because you may want to move the machine from one place to a different place to record the audio. And when the device is hard to proceed with, you cannot manage to do the filtering process unless the activities are within your place. Therefore, choose a device that can move or that is light so that you can move it from one place to another without difficulties.

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The article above contains the differences and similarities of the two devices, which are part of their features and what makes them different or similar. If you are stuck on choosing the two devices, kindly check on their features and get one that performs better than the other.

The guide has all the differences and similarities that can help you choose. There are the factors to consider when buying the device: everyday things like the price and preference of the customer that you should check.

To know more about Stihl 461 vs 462, You might be interested to watch this video below, enjoy!

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