What Are the Differences Between Stihl 271 vs 291?

When choosing the best chainsaws to use, most people think of using the Stihl chainsaw since it has some good features that make it encouraging for use. However, when having the urge to use it, different versions of the Stihl chainsaw keep worrying about which is best among them.

So, it is good to note the differences between the two types of chainsaws from the same brand. For instance, between 271 and 291, which one is the best, and why is that different from the other? At some point, the items are similar since they perform almost the same activities and are of the same brand.

If you are choosing among the two items and you have worries about which one to choose, then worry less, because I will provide the differences and similarities of the two items in the article below, their advantages and disadvantages, and later the frequently asked questions and the conclusion which summarizes the whole article.

Quick comparison table

comparison Stihl 271 Stihl 291
power Less amount Higher amount
Bar length small larger
color Black, orange Black, grey, and orange
Signal to noise ratio 114dB 116dB

Differences Between Stihl 271 And 291stihl 271 vs 291

  • Power

Although the two items have the same engine type, they still have some differences that can help differentiate them. With the 271 models, the engine provides almost 2.6 kilowatts, while in the other case, the 291 engine provides about 2.8 kilowatts.

  • Bar length

The difference between the two items comes from the bar length, where one of the items has a longer bar length than the other. In this case, the bar length of the 271 is 50 inches to 38 inches, where the bar length of the 291 is 50 inches by 40 inches, with the difference of a few inches.

  • Signal to noise ratio

The signal to noise ratio is the maximum amount of noise from an item when working. The top noise level with the Stihl 271 is 114db, while the maximum noise level with the 291 is 116dB meaning 291 saws have a higher noise level than 271.

  • Color

The color of the two chainsaws differs according to the preference of the manufacturer. The color of 291 chainsaws is in three different forms: black, orange, and silver, while the color of 271 is in two other documents, which are only black and orange.

Similarities of the two itemsSimilarities of the two items

  1. Both chainsaws offer a good combination of power and convenience
  2. Both have guide bars that help the chainsaws last longer.
  3. Both have an ergonomic handle that increases comfort and reduces the shock caused by the impact of vibration.
  4. Both are of the same brand, which is the Stihl.
  5. Both offer the same services of cutting trees and firewood
  6.  Both are light in weight
  7.  Both have a motor that helps them carry out hefty tasks of work
  8. Both are reliable.
  9. Both have a housing frame that makes them durable.
  10. Both have the 2- mix engine that offers a large amount of power for running all the activities. the machines are a design that helps the chain saw incapacity or fuel consumption that helps save much cash for the user and buy some different activities.
  11. Both chainsaws have a separation filtration system that makes them effective.

Stihl 271Stihl 271


  • It is reliable and handy when you are cutting trees
  • They are lightweight in design that makes them easier to transport from one place to another, making them portable.
  • They have an excellent housing frame that makes them more durable
  • Has the automatic oiling.


  • Lacks the chain cutter
  • Has a higher power consumption

Stihl 291Stihl 291


  • It is reliable and handy when you are cutting trees
  • They are lightweight in design that makes them easier to transport from one place to another, making them portable.
  • They have an excellent housing frame that makes them more durable


  • It lacks the chain pitch
  • It lacks the automatic oiling that requires the user to add oil manually, which is time-consuming.

The most recommended among the twoThe most recommended among the two

Choosing between the two chainsaws can be difficult for the owner since all their characteristics are almost the same, which can confuse the user. Therefore, when having the desire to choose, check on the rate of power consumption and some essential features that anyone requires for a chainsaw to work. 

In this case, I recommend using the Stihl 271 chainsaw since it has excellent features. For example, in the case of power consumption, the 271 consumes more power than 291, meaning you can choose the 291 chainsaw. However, when it comes to other features within the chain, the 291 lacks most of them. So you can select an item that contains most of the required elements to make work easier for the user.

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FAQs About Stihl 271 vs 291:

  • What is a chain saw?

A chain saw is an effective device that is highly efficient in cutting trees and branches using power. The device has an engine that works as the head of the saw since it is the one to provide power for the machine to run and cut trees and logs effectively.

  • What are the safety measures to follow when using the chain saw?

When using any tool, you must follow the safety measures to make the device more durable. For instance, when using the chain saw, it is good to consider following the manufacturer’s instructions to make the saw more durable and use the correct type of engine oil to avoid destroying it.


If you are looking for the best chain saw, consider using the Stihl chain saw since it is among the best types of chainsaws to use in the market today. The Stihl model has different versions of chainsaws like the 271 and 291as in the article above, which I have provided their similarities and differences.

To differentiate among the two chain saws, consider checking their features which some have more features than the other. Their colors, too, are different than you can distinguish them. Lastly, consider following the buying guide when buying the items, including battery usage and power consumption.

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