Quick Differences Between Stihl 261 vs 271- Which One Is Better?

When choosing the best chainsaws to use, most people think of using the Stihl chainsaw since it has some good features that make it encouraging for use. However, when having the urge to use it, different versions of the Stihl chainsaw keep worrying about which is best among them.

So, it is good to note the differences between the two types of chainsaws from the same brand. For instance, between 271 and 261, which one is the best and why is it different from the other? At some point, the items are similar since they perform almost the same activities and are of the same brand.

If you are choosing among the two items and you have worries about which one to choose, then worry less because I will provide the differences and similarities of the two items in the article below, their advantages and disadvantages, and later the frequently asked questions and the conclusion which summarizes the whole article

Quick comparison table

comparison Stihl 261 Stihl 271
weight light heavy
casing Magnesium case Polymer case
size small big
horsepower higher lower
nuts Captive nuts Loose nuts

Differences among Stihl 261 and 271 chainsawsstihl 261 vs 271

  • Cases

The Stihl 261 has a magnesium case that makes it more durable, while the Stihl 271 has a polymer case that makes it durable.

  • Horsepower

The horsepower of 261 is higher than the other one since it has a horsepower of 4 while the 271 has a horsepower of 3.5.

  • Nuts

When talking about the nuts, it is either the nuts are loose or captive. Loose nuts show that the connection of the other parts to the main saw is open while the captive means the connection is tight. The 271 has loose nuts while the 261 has captive nuts.

  • Size and weight

The size of 261 is excellent since it is slimmer and lighter in both size and weight, making it portable, while the 271 is thicker and heavier, making it not convenient for use when traveling.

  • Button

The 261 has the decompression button that you can use to control the compressions in the saw when using it. At the same time, the 271 model lacks the decompression button that you cannot control most of its operations when compressions increase.

  • Pull cord

The two models have different types of pull cords such that one is standard while the other is better. The 261 model has a better pull cord, while 271 has a standard pull cord.

Similarities of the two devicesSimilarities of the two devices

  1. Both the devices have a casing that protects them from damages and makes them last for long.
  2. Both devices are from the same brand which produces quality products
  3. Both appliances are efficient and reliable
  4. Both devices are of the same purpose that is for cutting trees and branches.
  5. Both have the black and the orange color except that 261 has the grey color in them.
  6. Both have the exact size of the chain pitch.
  7. Both have the exact size of the fuel tank capacity.

Stihl 261Stihl 261


  • It has a robust design that makes it durable for use.
  • It is suitable for use at any time of the month with any temperature
  • It has a greater power output
  • It is light in weight that makes it portable
  • It is trustworthy
  • It has top features that make it suitable for use
  • It is efficient


  • It is expensive since it is a pro saw
  • Its fuel and oil caps can be finicky

Stihl 271Stihl 271


  • It has a suitable casing that protects
  • It is durable
  •  it is easy to maintain the device
  • It consumes less power to run


  • It is heavy that you cannot move with it from one place to another.
  • It lacks the decompression button

The most recommended among the twoThe most recommended among the two

Ultimately the Stihl 261 is among the best models of chainsaws to use over the 271 models since it has some extra features. The additional features make it more expensive than the 271 models with more considerable cash on top. The 261 has some of the functions below: It has a robust design that makes it durable for use. It is suitable for use at any time of the month with any temperature. It has greater power output. It is light in weight that makes it portable. It is trustworthy. It has top features that make it suitable for use. It is efficient

However, when you want to use the chainsaw for tiny amounts of work like the firewood cutting and so on, then you can still choose to use 271. Remember, the 271 chainsaw is also cheap that you can afford instead of 261, which seems expensive. Choosing among the two devices depends on the preference of the customer and the amount of cash they can afford when buying the tools.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • Can you buy the chainsaws online?

When needing to buy a brand new chainsaw, consider visiting retail shops that sell unique products for their customers, but if you want a second-hand product, you can get it online.

  • After how long must the user check on the device?

When using the devices, it is good to consider checking the parts of the machine regularly to identify the issues with the details and fix them immediately.

  • How much is a new chain saw from the Stihl brand?

The price on any excellent chain saw, like the 261, is about 580 dollars while the cost of the 271 is around 480 dollars meaning their price differs by almost 150 dollars extra, which shows one is much more expensive.


If you are looking for the best chain, consider using the Stihl chainsaw since it is among the best types of chainsaws to use in the market today. The Stihl model has different versions of chainsaws like the 261 and 271as in the article above, which have similarities and differences.

To differentiate among the two chain saws, consider checking their features which some have more features than the other. Their colors, too, are different than you can distinguish them. Lastly, consider following the buying guide when buying the items, including battery usage and power consumption.

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