Stihl 194t vs 201t- Which One to Choose?

Having two devices from the same company with the same series makes it challenging to know the differences between the two of them. However, the company tries to improve the devices to make them comfortable and produce the best output. If you make the wrong choice when buying a Stihl 194t or 201t chainsaw, you will have a poor product outcome.

So, what is the difference between Stihl 194t and 201t?  The reality is that both devices have the same look, and one is in terms of performance. For those who want to use a complete automation device, it is essential to choose wisely between them. First, look at the unique features of each chainsaw if you want to buy the best between the two.

This article is about Stihl 194t or 201t, which are both essential chainsaws. It describes two chainsaws, highlights the differences between them, and points out the advantages and disadvantages of each one. In the end, there is a buying guide for purchasing the best chainsaw if one needs any of them, including the FAQs.

A quick comparison table between Stihl 194t and 201t


Stihl 194t

Stihl 201t

Bar length 14 inches 14 inches
Weight 3.30 kgs 8.16lbs
Engine power 1.40 kW 2.41 bhp 
Powerhead weight 7.28lbs 8.16lbs
Fuel tank capacity 9.1oz 10.5oz
Displacement 31.8 cubic cm 2.15 cu
Power source Gas Gas

Differences between Stihl 194t and 201tstihl 194t vs 201t

Even if the two chainsaws work similarly and have some commonalities, there are some variances between them. Some of the distinctions are as follows:

  • Weight

Each chainsaw comes with a different measurement. The heavier a machine is, the larger it is. The Stihl 201t weighs around 3.3 kg, while the Still 194t weighs approximately 3.3 kg. The weight of the 210t is 8.16 pounds. The characteristic makes it easier to tell the two chainsaws apart.

  • Engine power

Each chainsaw requires a varied amount of engine power to start and maintain operation. The Stihl 194t needs about 1.40 kW, while the Stihl 201t needs 2.41 horsepower.

  • Powerhead weight

The powerhead weights of the Stihl 194t and Stihl 201t are different. The Stihl 194t has a powerhead that weighs roughly 7.28 pounds, while the Stihl 210t has a powerhead that weighs around 8.16 pounds.

  • Fuel tank capacity

The two chainsaws have different fuel tank capacities when it comes to gas capacity. The Stihl 194t has a 9.1oz capacity, lower than other chainsaws that are Stihl 201t. The Stihl 201t has a fuel capacity of 10.5oz.

  • Displacement

The two chainsaws have different cylinder displacements. The Stihl 194t, for example, has a cylinder displacement of 31.8 cubic cm, whereas the Stihl 201t has 2.15 cubic cm.

Similarities between Stihl 194t and 201tSimilarities between Stihl 194t and 201t

Although the two devices have some differences, they share some features, which include the following:

  • Bar length

Both chainsaws have a similar bar length. The Stihl 194t and 201t feature a bar length roughly 14 inches longer than the company’s other chainsaws. Each device can cut wood of varying lengths as a result of this feature.

  • Power source

The power supply for both chainsaws is the same. Unlike other chainsaws that require petrol, they both require gas to operate. When utilizing the chainsaw, be cautious of the gas you’re using and make sure you’re using the recommended one.

  • The chainsaw pitch

Because both chainsaws have the same saw chain pitch, it’s difficult to tell them apart. Their pitch is usually three by eight, allowing them to quickly chop hard and soft trees.

  • Appearances

Both devices have the same shape, appearance, and color. However, there are minor differences. They are both black, orange, and grey.

  • Efficiency

Both devices are highly efficient and function in the same way. They harvest firewood and trees in a variety of locations as long as they have access to electricity. Both have distinctive features that enhance their functionality and appeal to a wide range of clients.

  • Flexibility

Because the two chainsaws are light, they are easy to carry from one site to another. You can utilize generators to power the welding devices if you want to use them remotely, but the generator must be pretty powerful.

  • Duration of the warranty

For both chainsaws, the warranty period is typically one to two years. Such a term allows the user to return the computer rather than purchasing a new one if it is damaged, minimizing the cost of purchase.

  • Durability

All of the devices are made of materials that are both sturdy and long-lasting. The devices are more long-lasting, with a lifespan of up to five years.

Pros Cons of Stihl 194t

  • Light in weight hence portable.
  • Lasts longer.
  • Easy to start.
  • Lowers the user fatigue.
  • Low emissions hence low fuel usage.
  • It comes with an anti-vibration system to help lower operator fatigue.
  • Only suitable for cutting small trees or trim work.
  • Requires some experience before using.

Pros Cons of Stihl 201t

  • Intelligent engine control technology that adjusts to changes in environmental parameters like fuel quality and altitude automatically.
  • dependable 
  • a fuel-efficient chainsaw that works well in a variety of situations.
  • operator fatigue has been minimized
  • Greater convenience, as well as a sense of well-being.

Factors to consider when buying Stihl 194t and 201tFactors to consider when buying Stihl 194t and 201t

  • Size

A chainsaw’s weight is proportionate to its size. As a result, the larger the device becomes, the thicker it becomes. While you’re still in the dealer’s shop, look at the size of the saw to see if you’ll be able to use it or if you should acquire a smaller one.

  • Cost

Chainsaws worth and utility are determined by their power. The cost of a gas chainsaw is much more than that of an elector saw. A gasoline saw is more efficient and functional than an electric saw when it comes to cutting down trees.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • Which is the most recommended between Stihl 194t and 201t?

The stihl 201t is the best. It has features such as intelligent engine control technology that automatically adjusts to environmental parameters like fuel quality and altitude. It is dependable and is a fuel-efficient chainsaw that works well in a variety of situations.


Please read the summary above carefully if you want to learn everything there is to know about the two chainsaws. Make sure you understand the differences and similarities before deciding if they match your requirements. Before making a purchase, think about the following factors.

First and foremost, always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions before using or operating the chainsaw. You can always seek expert aid if you’re like me and want to be hands-off. It’s usually a good idea to make brief local queries to ensure that someone who knows the region can assist you if you need it. Also, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

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