How to Start a Car with a Dead Battery without Another Car

There are situations where you may find that your car’s battery is dead and the car cannot move. This is so heartbreaking, especially when you are late for work or any other meeting that you were supposed to attend. In such a situation, you get so confused that you are not sure whether to call a cab or find assistance from your neighbor to use their car battery to start yours.

This situation has happened to most of the people who own a car. Some of the time, you may find it challenging to reach your neighbor to borrow their car. In other cases, you find that the neighbor is not around and that there is no one around to help you with your car. Again, in a situation where the battery has died while you are at wo8rk place and you are late to leave while the other co-workers have left. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to start a flat battery in absence of another car.

Various methods of starting a car with a flat battery in absence of another car

Two different methods are applicable in starting a car battery without another car. These methods are discussed below in this article.

Method 1:how to start a car with a dead battery without another car

  • Using a jump box

If you find that no one can help you with the original method of starting the car, this is the first alternative that you have to use to get your car started. Every driver is supposed to have a jump box. Other people call it a battery pack. A jump box/ battery pack is a small battery used to charge other electronic devices in the car. The jump box usually has jumper cables that are used to connect to the dead battery.

Again, it comes with instructions on how to connect to the battery. The jump box will help you start the car without the need to call anyone for help. The battery pack will help you to start the battery in the middle of nowhere.

Steps to use the jump box

  • Ensure that the jump starter is 9charged fully before considering using it.
  • Plug in the jump box as directed in the instructions given and charge the battery.
  • The jump starter is always packed with its cables. Connect the wires to the prospective positive and negative posts on the jump starter. If the jump starters do not have their cables, consider using your own.
  • Connect the red clamp to the positive terminal of the battery.
  • The black clamp is connected to the unpainted and grounded metal surface at the frame of the car.
  • Turn on the jump starter as directed once you have connected everything rightly.
  • After a period of about 1 or 2 minutes, you can now start the car.
  • If the engine does not start after that period, give it some more minutes to let the battery recharge and then afterwards, you can try again.
  • If the car has started, turn the jump starters switch off.
  • Take out all the clamps and now reverse the whole process.
  • After every start of the car, it is advisable to recharge the jump starter.

Benefits of using a jump box

1) Keep the battery in a glove compartment since it is very small.

2) The jump box can start a 12v engine.

3) The jump box can retain its charge for about three months. When the charge in the jump is down, there is an indicator that will alert you.

4) The jump start is used to charge other mobile devices

5) The jumpstart is the best and a cheaper way than replacing the battery with a new one.

6) It can always function for all types of transmissions.

Method 2:Start the car by pushing

  • Start the car by pushing

The push-starting method can only be applicable on manual transmission cars due to the clutch. For this method to work, someone must push the car from behind even when the car engine is off. The slight motion from the push will help the car gain momentum to activate the engine to start.

How it works:

  • First, you are supposed to set the ignition key partially but not entirely on. The case applies to those who do not want to start a car engine fully.
  • The second step is that you are supposed to set the car into gear two.
  • Depress the clutch by pressing it in company with the brakes, and this is done by stepping on the clutch.
  • Ensure that there is someone behind to push the car.  When the person starts pushing the car, ensure that you release the brakes so that the car can move. However, the clutch is supposed to be kept depressed.
  • Keep the car moving for some minutes, and then release the clutch.  That transmission turns the car engine over and will cause it to start.
  • After the battery starts, the car engine will charge the battery, and therefore, the car will get the power to continue running.
  • If the car does not start the first time, repeat the same process repeatedly until it works.

The automatic cars push-starting methodThe automatic cars push-starting method

It is not safe to use the push starting method on automatic cars since you are not sure how far the car can go, damaging the car brakes. However, you can always use this method if there is no other option. To safely do this, ensure that you release the brake pedals when the car starts moving and gently step on the gas pedal while the gear is still on the drive.

Once the car sets into a steady motion, ensure that you turn the ignition on as you still step on the gas gently.

Tricks to try when the car battery dies:

  1. Tap the battery’s terminals- when the car battery terminals might be dirty and cannot be cleaned when the road sticks you since you do not have the right tools to do that. Therefore, it is necessary to tap the terminals of the battery to establish a better connection.
  2. Try to start the car when it is in neutral
  3. Try using the jumper cables.
  4. Finally, call a professional.


With the developing technology, there are various methods that one can use to start their car without another car. Starting the car using the jump box is similar to the normal starting of the car.  All you need to do is just connect the battery to the charger with the provided cables. It is always essential to ensure that you get a jump box for your car that you will use in an emergency.

Finally, the best method to ensure that you are always safe and that your battery does not die quickly is to replace the battery after three to five years. Again you are supposed to ensure that the car is well serviced and in good condition.  However, if the car battery is dead and you need to start the car without using another car, I hope you have learned the suitable methods to use and enjoy your ride. Also, ensure you service the car battery often to prevent it from dying.

In this video I am going to show you how you can start a car that won’t start, whether its due to a bad or weak battery, bad starter motor or even a bad ignition switch, there are tricks you can do to jump start a car without using a jump pack or jumper cables. These tricks are quick, easy and a cool way to start a car just make sure you follow the instructions closely.

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