Ryobi Battery Charger: Top 5 Picks for Ryobi Power Tool Batteries

 Ryobi battery chargers are essential in keeping all devices connected to the power supply source via the charger running for a long time. The charger is widely used because of its many advantages, such as it charges faster, contains safety mechanisms and uses limited energy, unlike other chargers.

The Ryobi battery chargers exist in many forms that are readily available in the market today. To choose the best battery charger for your Ryobi device, research the best charger by reviewing the top five chargers and compare their features, advantages and disadvantages.

Ryobi Battery Charger: Top 5 Picks for Ryobi Power Tool Batteries

1. Exmate B07G2WWWGV Multivolt Ryobi battery chargerRyobi Battery Charger

The charger is mainly preferred because of its cost. The battery charger can charge many batteries with different voltages.

Key features and benefits:

  • Versatility

The versatility feature allows the charger to charge many batteries with different voltages.

  • Built-in protection mechanism

 Also, the charger has a versatile inbuilt feature that protects small batteries from overcharging and gives large batteries more time to charge until complete.

  • Weight and portability

The chargers are very light, and you can easily pack them in a portable bag. Their weight is approximately 2.0 to 2.3 lbs. Their lightweight makes it easy to carry when travelling long distances.

  • Rigid state

The charger can withstand some charging abuse and even jostle due to its solid-state. Also, the solid-state prevents the charger from breaking when in use or when not in use.

  • They are portable due to their lightweight.
  • Contain two chemicals which are Ni-NM and Ni-Cd batteries.
  • Charge many batteries with different voltages.
  • Has a built-in overcharging protection feature.

  • Charges slowly.
  • Cannot charge lithium batteries.
  • The build is not sturdy.

Therefore, the charger is suitable for charging devices with different voltages.


2. VANON P117 dual chemistry fast battery chargerVANON P117 dual chemistry fast battery charger

The type of the battery charger speeds up the charging process, unlike other chargers.

Main features and benefits:

  • Safety feature

The VANON P117 dual chemistry fast battery charger is the safest compared to other Ryobi battery chargers as it detects any issues concerning the Ryobi battery.

  •  Presence of LED indicators

LED indicators are essential in signifying a bad battery. For instance, the LED light indicator may send a notification when the battery is overcharged, being too hot and when the battery is too cold. Extreme changes in weather conditions contribute more to the battery being too cold or too hot.

  • Built-in power charge protection

The VANON P117 dual chemistry fast battery has a built-in mechanism to protect the Ryobi battery from any power threats such as power surges that can damage the battery.

  • Dual USB ports

The VANON P117 dual chemistry fast battery has dual USB ports feature that uniquely identifies it from other battery chargers. A person may charge a smartphone in one USB port, and the other USB port will charge the Ryobi battery.

  • Versatility feature

This type of charger has USB ports that make it more versatile as it can charge two Ryobi batteries at the same time or can charge two devices with different voltages at the same time.

  • Has LED indicators that show when the battery is fully charged.
  • Has double USB ports that allow dual charging of Ryobi devices
  • Protective mechanisms that protect the battery against temperature changes or fluctuations.
  • Fast charging status.
  • Has two compatible lithium-ion and Ni-MH batteries.

  • Charges slowly if you are using USB ports and the main charger.
  • Not maintaining the battery for long.

The dual USB port is an essential feature for the user to charge more devices.


3. Cell 9102 Replacement P117 One+ Dual Chemistry ChargerCell 9102 Replacement P117 One+ Dual Chemistry Charger

The charger is cheaper compared to other chargers.

Features and benefits:

  • Design

The Cell 9102 Replacement P117 One+ Dual Chemistry Charger is designed to use Ryobi IntelliPort design. Such a version allows the charger to charge multiple Ryobi devices safely without damaging them and also performs an optimization process for the batteries being charged.

  • Safety mechanism

The charger contains a safety mechanism which is a multiprotect system to protect the batteries being charged from any damage.

  • Charging devices

Unlike other battery chargers, the charger is meant to charge other large Ryobi battery devices. Also, it charges batteries that range from 12 voltages to 18 voltages. The charging capacity only supports larger devices and for smaller devices, consider using other chargers that support batteries with lower voltage capacity.

  • Performance

The battery is designed to work together with other batteries, P100 to P200 battery series and one plus battery.

  • Cost

The charger is a bit cheaper than other chargers if you are more concerned about the price.

  • Has a double chemistry charging mechanism.
  • It has excellent value.
  • Charges larger batteries that range from 12 to 18 voltage.
  • It is designed to last longer.
  • The safety mechanism, the MultiProtect system, prevents the Ryobi devices battery from overcharging and other power threats such as power spikes.
  • Excellent value.

  • Supports only larger batteries with large charging capacities.
  • Charges slowly hence consume a lot of time.
  • The code present in the charger is cheaply made.

The excellent value makes it more unique.


4. Ryobi 18V OnePlus+ Lithium Compact Battery and charger kitRyobi 18V OnePlus+ Lithium Compact Battery and charger kit

This kind of charger is effective in that it comes with a replacement battery.

Key features:

  • Energy usage

The charger uses less energy, thus saving battery power or electric costs.

  • Safety mechanism

The Ryobi 18V OnePlus+ Lithium Compact Battery charger has a safety mechanism that protects the Ryobi device batteries from power threats when they are still charging. The battery power charging issues include; battery overcharging, battery over usage and power surges.

  • Power maintenance feature

The charger maintains the Ryobi batteries when fully charged, protecting the batteries from overcharging.

  • Durability and performance

According to the manufacturer’s manual, this kind of charger lasts longer as long as it is maintained effectively. In terms of performance, the charger has high performance compared to other chargers.

  • Charging speed

Ryobi 18V OnePlus+ Lithium Compact Battery charger charges Ryobi devices faster than other chargers of the same kind. It takes approximately 25 to 30 minutes to charge a 1.5A battery until complete.

  • Compatibility

The battery charger has two chemical components: lithium and nickel, and can charge all batteries present in the Ryobi devices.

  • Reliability and cost

The charger is highly reliable and present in the market. The reliability feature makes it very expensive than other chargers of the same kind. Although the charger is costly, it performs better than the cheaper ones.

  • Upgrade

The charger comes with an upgrade that makes it long-lasting, and the upgrade is a P190 battery.

  • Safety protective feature to protect the battery from any damages
  • High performance
  • Has replacement battery
  • Fast charging.
  • Is versatile due to dual chemistry and has test features.
  • Uses less energy.

  • Expensive.
  • A large voltage battery uses more time to charge completely.
  • Malfunctioning feature.

The charger using less energy makes it more effective.


5. Lasica P117 dual chemistry battery charger for RyobiLasica P117 dual chemistry battery charger for Ryobi

Key features:

  • Multi-chemistry

The charger has a multi-chemistry system to charge batteries safely.

  • Charging speed

It uses less time to charge the batteries.

  • Energy usage

It uses less energy compared to other chargers.

  • Performance

It is among the best performing chargers, and it lasts longer.

  • Uses less time to charge batteries.
  • Uses less energy.
  • Protects the batteries against overcharging.
  • Maintains battery once fully charged.

  • Less durable.
  • Charges only high voltage batteries.
  • Some batteries use more time to charge fully.

Charger using less energy and less time makes it desirable for many users.



To pick the best Ryobi battery charger, review the similarities and the unique features present in each charger. Use the information above to select the best charger for your Ryobi batteries.

Finally, it is essential to choose a charger that has a safety charging mechanism and can last longer. Also, maintain the chargers and avoid using them for other devices that are not compatible with the type of charger.

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