How Long Does the Ring Door Battery Last? All You Need to Know

A ring door is an intelligent device that is useful in monitoring the activities of the front door. The ring door has a battery that provides the electrical power for its functioning. Most people planning to buy the ring door wonder or those who have recently owned it always wonder how the battery should last before replacing it. The confusing question is to ensure that their homes are in total control of security that is needed.

The ring device battery is designed in a way that it can last for several months before recharging it. Sometimes you may notice the battery lasts longer or dies faster than usual. Several factors lead to the faster death of the battery and also the long-lasting of the car battery. Such factors include exposure to environmental conditions and many others. Again, there are different ways that one can use to improve a deteriorated ring battery which is discussed in this article.

How long does the ring door battery last?how long does a ring doorbell battery last

The ring door battery always lasts longer when it is directly connected to the solar panel. The long power retention is that the battery will always stay fully charged, and therefore one does not need to worry about the battery getting drained at any time. Consequently, one can relax comfortably knowing that the doorbell is monitoring outside your house all the time.

There are two models of ring battery with the battery. These are the ring video bell and the ring video doorbell 2. The minimum lifespan of these batteries is six months, and the maximum is one year. The lifespan of these batteries depends on environmental factors such as climatic change and temperature.

Again, it also depends on the number of times the ring battery is used and many other factors. When you take the battery for recharging, the doorbell remains useless until you reinstall the battery. However, after six months and a year, one can take the batteries to be renewed.

The two better models of the ring bells do not have a hardwired option, and so, one has to take the bell out the box and install the batteries, and voila. The other new fashions of the doorbells have to be hardwired before one can use them and therefore it is advisable to call a professional technician. These new fashions of the doorbells have an additional feature that is power over the Ethernet. These bells can use the Ethernet to function as long as you have the router and connect it to the bell using the Ethernet cable.

Again, an additional feature is available in the newer doorbells that are not available in the ring doorbell and ring doorbell 2. That feature is the advanced motion sensor. The advanced motion sensor notifies the user by sending an alert based on the area that is defined.

Reasons why the doorbell battery will die so quicklyReasons why the doorbell battery will die so quickly

Sometimes you may notice that the ring door battery dies too fast than usual. There are different factors that can cause the fast deterioration of the car battery. Some of these factors include the following.

  • Increased number of events

If there are so many activities that are happening in front of your house, for example, there are so many cars passing by or a lot of foot traffic around your home, it means that the ring door will be active most of the time. So the ring device will be in use even if you don’t need to see the happening activity.                                                               

  • Freezing temperatures

If you live in a freezing place, it means that your doorbell battery will have to be recharged more often. The reason behind this is that the doorbell’s battery will run faster during the cold seasons. Still, when the temperatures are below the freezing point, the doorbell’s battery may fail to function regardless of the hardwired ring.

  • Too high temperatures

When the temperatures are too high, especially in direct sunlight, the ring will overheat and fail to function. The overheating will cause the ring door battery to stop working and cause the battery to die quickly.

  • Bad settings

In some cases, you may find that the settings in your ring bell are set so that the ring device captures every kind of motion that happens in your door front. Unfortunately, the capture of all the activities will often work more often, thereby draining the ring bell battery. Therefore, it is advisable to adjust the motion detection settings of the ring device to avoid getting too many events in a day.

  • Enabling the live view

The live view feature in the ring device is excellent and fun when using but drains the battery quickly. So if you use the live view, it is essential to have a backup battery or use hand wiring in your ring.

  • Weak  Wi-Fi connection

If your ring device is using a Wi-Fi connection, it is essential to keep it strong. When the ring device mostly struggles to connect to the Wi-Fi network, the ring battery has a high chance of dying faster. To improve the battery life of the ring device, ensure that the Wi-Fi signal used by your device is improved and strengthened.

How to tell what is draining your ring battery

A power usage section in the ring app shows the exact way that the ring battery is used. When the battery cannot last longer than the required time. Different features cause the battery not to last long. The following are the ways that one can use to see the ring battery-draining feature.

  • In the ring app, tap the menu icon.
  • Click devices
  • Click your ring
  • Click power settings
  • Click feature power usage
  • To see how the power has been used, click the small arrow at the right
  • Inspect each feature to determine the one draining your battery
  • If all the elements do not show excessive battery draining, the battery is worn out due to environmental factors.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How can I reset a ring doorbell?

To reset the ring doorbell, hold down the reset button, which is orange in colour, for 20 seconds. Immediately when the button is released, the ring produces some flashes for a minute to indicate that it is restarting. After restarting, the ring setup mode is activated by pressing and releasing the orange button firmly.

  • How can I install the ring doorbell?

The ring doorbell is installed through some simple steps. First, uninstall the existing doorbell. After that, mount the bracket of the ring and connect the wires. Ensure that the diode is included when you are using the digital ring doorbell. Finally, place the ring door on the mounting bracket and tighten the nuts and screws.


The time is taken by the ring door battery before recharging is only estimated. It is hard to tell the battery life of the ring door since it is affected by different environmental factors. In addition to that, the life of the battery depends on the power source used. However, the approximate time that the doorbell battery can last is between six months to one year.

For the ring door battery to be fully charged, it takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes. The time taken by the car battery to be fully charged depends on several factors, such as the environmental temperature. If the ring battery takes more than ten hours while setting, it is advisable to do some ring tests.

In this video, I spend a few minutes discussing how long my Ring Video Doorbell battery lasts. In addition, I give a few reasons why my battery lasts as long as it does. In addition, I discuss ways to increase the battery life of the Ring Video Doorbell.

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