Ridgid vf4000 vs. Vf5000 Quick Differences and Similarities

Both Ridgid vf4000 and vf5000 are fine dust pleated paper filters that the Ridgid brand offers to their customers. However, the individuals who need the filters do not understand which one to use among the two items having worries like which one is the best for use when choosing them.

So what is the difference between Ridgid VF 4000 VF 5000? Normally the difference between two items arises from the prices, size, weight, and other features. At the same time, the features may be similar because they are of the same brand and purpose.

Therefore, do not keep worrying about how you will differentiate the two devices since I will provide the necessary information about the two filters in the article below. There is the frequently asked question and later the conclusion, which sums up the whole article.

Quick comparison table

comparison VF4000 VF5000
price Cheaper expensive
Type of filter Basic Three-layered
Number of layers One layer Numerous layers

Differences between Ridgid vf4000 and Vf5000ridgid vf4000 vs vf5000

  • Price

Normally the price of many items differs according to the features of the item and their brand. With devices with extraordinary features, they are always so expensive that you need enough cash to afford them. In the case below, the VF5000 filter is more expensive than VF 400 since the Ridgid VF 5000 works better than the other one.

  • Type of filter

The VF 4000 is a basic type of dust filter, while the VF5000 is a three-layer fine dust filter with a double-pleated design that normally captures fine particles like dust, sand, and fire ash.

  • Number of layers

VF4000 has fewer layers, while VF 5000 has numerous layers that work more effectively than the other filters.

Similarities of the two devicesSimilarities of the two devices

  1. Both are fully washable and reusable
  2. Both are easy to clean with water.
  3. Both have a pleated design.
  4. Both have a greater surface area that resists clogging
  5.  Both are easy to install.
  6. Both are of the same brand.
  7. They are both of the same sizes where the dimensions are in height and diameter, 9 inches by 7 inches respectively.
  8. Both the VF filters can work in freshwater or salty water aquariums.
  9. Both have an auto shut off the motor that works automatically without the user’s knowledge.

Ridgid VF4000Ridgid VF4000


  • It has effective wireless network management, has applications-based traffic prioritization across the network, intelligent uplink balancing, and intelligent traffic reprioritization on uplink loss.
  • It is ready for the enterprise activities such as industry-leading centralized management, wireless area network optimization, and global wireless area network monitoring.
  • It has a good scale of security that has the space to be increased, such as the cloud enhancement and secure wireless area network virtualization and drag and drop VPN graphical tunnel interface.
  • It has centralized management that enhances functionality.
  • It is highly visible and has good control.


  • Needs regular replacement of the filters to work properly.

Ridgid VF5000Ridgid VF5000


  • It is long-lasting, meaning you can use it for longer without necessarily doing repairs and replacing it.
  • It is easy to install and anyone can fix it to function at the place of work.
  • It works to its best and satisfies both the customer and the woodworker.
  • It is compatible with most Ridgid devices that can work in any machine with such a brand.
  • It has good security features that are safe and contain nontoxic elements that cannot harm the user.
  • Has a good warranty period for the user.


  • It is so expensive that you need enough cash to afford it.

Which one to choose among the two?

When choosing the two tools, the user must have some features to focus on when buying. After the features, you need to check on how the tools are working and the maintenance practices they consist of. In this case, the VF5000 is the most recommended to use since it is the latest version of the Ridgid vacuum filters in the market.

VF5000 has good quality features such as that it has numerous layers on it that help it trap dust well in the place of work, it traps fine dust particles, it is easy to use and clean, and it is easy to install.  Therefore when choosing the right vacuum filter in the Ridgid brand from the options above, choose to use the VF5000 since it is the latest version of the vacuum filters applications.

Factors to consider when buying the vacuum filtersFactors to consider when buying the vacuum filters

1. Price

When choosing a machine to buy, considering the price is the best thing because you can choose a higher-priced machine and cannot afford it. Therefore, when you want the vacuum cleaner, check its price first, then decide whether you will take it or not. If the price is high, you can choose to change and buy a different one for use.

2. Amount of Power

Choose a machine that uses less amount of power in your filtering process. Remember, when the machine uses less power, it saves your electricity bills at your industry as the user.

3. Connections with other external devices

The vacuum cleaner must connect to some other external devices for proper filtering and trapping of dust at any place. Ensure you choose a vacuum cleaner that you can fix with any device to help trap and filter dust in a specific area.

4. Portability

Portability means the ability to move the device from one place to another. So when choosing the best device for use at home with vacuum filters, check the device’s portability. Portability matters a lot because you may want to move the device from one place to a different place to record the audio. And when the device is hard to move, you cannot manage to do the filtering process unless the activities are within your place. Therefore, choose a device that can move, or that is light, so that you can move it from one place to another without difficulties.


The article above shows the differences and the similarities of the two vacuum filters that you can use to trap dust. The differences help you identify the best vacuum filter that you can use at your place to trap and filter dust.

Therefore, follow the guide carefully to help you get the details you can use either when purchasing a new device or when changing the device you are using.

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