Ridgid Rp 241 vs. Milwaukee M12- Complete Comparison

Choosing the right pipe maintenance tool in the plumbing industry requires one to have the idea of the plumbing works to choose the right tool for their work. For pipe maintenance to be fine, you either work with soldering or pressing which you need to know the differences between the two tools.

So what are the differences between Ridgid RP 241 and Milwaukee m12? For individuals starting the plumbing activity, the difference between the two tools can be the color and their sizes. However, Ridgid RP 241 is the best press tool to use among the two tools you can easily use.

And what shows that one of the tools is better than the other? This is a normal question that many people ask when you recommend one tool for use. Luckily, the article below provides the differences, similarities, FAQs, and, lastly, the conclusion that summarizes everything.

Quick comparison table

Comparison Ridgid rp241 Milwaukee m12
weight light heavy
design Lacks some features Has good features for plumbing
Price expensive cheap
Zoom lock Gets faults easily Does not get faults easily

Differences between Ridgid PR 241 and Milwaukee m12ridgid rp 241 vs milwaukee m12

  • Design

The Milwaukee m12 has good content in the design features since it contains the things a plumber may need in the plumbing industry, for example, on the features that feature compact and full-size devices. The features help pack enough versatility.

On the other side, the Ridgid RP 241 lacks the force logic packs to help pack the versatility.

  • Weight

The weight of the two tools differs since one is a bit heavier than the other. The Ridgid RP 241 is a bit lighter that you can work with it while using one hand, and it can work in areas with tight spaces since it does not require much space to use it.

On the other hand, the Milwaukee m12 is a bit heavier, with 3.8 pounds of weight.  Although the tool is heavy, you can still use it in areas with minimum space since the difference in their weight is slight.

  • Advanced features

The Ridgid RP 241 has many advanced features that can help the plumber have extra energy and work hard to finish their tasks. In this case, the tool contains the green go button and the indicators that tell the plumber that the battery life is on another level or needs some services to perfect its functions.

On the other hand, the Milwaukee m12 lacks all these features showing that when you need to use such a device, it will need manual checking that even the plumber can feel tired of working with it and can either fail to finish their tasks on time, creating some inconveniences with the customers.

  • Zoom lock

Zoom lock refers to the period a tool takes to get faults and how often the tool gets faults. While using the Ridgid RP 241 tends to get faults easily that you will need to fix it often to use again or rather purchase new tools that you will use in your industry, unlike the Milwaukee m12, which does not get faults easily and that you can use it for a longer period without doing repairs or buying a new tool.

Similarities of the two toolsSimilarities of the two tools

  • Application

Both tools can perform the same activities, like carrying out connections on diverse piping, ranging from copper to APEX.  The two tools can work in the same place with the same purpose to complete the tasks you are working on in the industry.

  • Tools they do not use

Both two tools can perform better without the hassles with them. However, in some cases, the Ridgid RP 241 needs to work with the jaw pressures to occupy the space for the hassles so that the activities you are carrying out work well.

Ridgid PR 241Ridgid PR 241


  • it has an ergonomic design that makes it look nice.
  • It is easy to use
  • It has a long-lasting battery
  • It is light in weight that you carry it while working in the industry
  • It contains all four sets of jaws


  • The trigger is in a bad position that can cause failures of some activities while working.

Milwaukee m12Milwaukee m12


  • It is the lightest  pressing tool in the Milwaukee brand
  • It is easy to use
  • It is long-lasting since it develops the faults less often
  • It is cheap that any plumber can afford to buy and  use in the industry
  • It has ergonomically featured that makes it look good


  • It lacks a quarter-inch jaw that you can use.

The most recommended type of tool to use among the twoThe most recommended type of tool to use among the two

While choosing the best type of tool, you can use among the two, first check on your preference and some factors you can consider when buying a device. You can choose to buy or use a certain device, but you cannot work with it since it has more expensive parts to fix or is hard to use.

Therefore, consider majoring in some factors like personal preference, the size of the tool, price, and other factors to see if it is compatible with you or not. However, in this case, I recommend using the Ridgid tools since it has more advanced features like the indicator that tells the user much information about the batteries and other parts that need service or repair.

The other thing is that the Ridgid RP 241 is light in weight that the plumber can use while holding in hand, and it is small in size that you can pass it through a small space in your working area.  But you can also choose to use Milwaukee m12 since it is long-lasting and affordable but lacks the good features if you lack enough cash to purchase the Ridgid brand.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What are the factors to consider when choosing the tools to use?

When choosing the tools to use, consider checking on the tool’s price to see if you can afford it, the compatibility with other devices, and the maintenance practices if you can manage it.


Now you have full information about the two types of tools since they have different features that make people wonder which one is the best. The article below shows the details of the two tools with their differences and similarities.

Kindly read the article to help guide you choose the correct type of tools to use. Failure to carefully follow can cause you to get the wrong tools that you will regret using. Also, it is good to consider checking the manual for correct installation and use while using the devices.

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