Ridgid r4518 vs. R4514- Quick Comparison

Ridgid r4518 and 4514 are both woodwork tools that you can use in the industry. Sometimes woodwork becomes hard in most cases when choosing the best tools to use in the industry. All this is because you need to figure out what you will major in for that scenario and what you do not need.

The difference between the two types of woodwork tools exists in their functions, types of features they are working with, and other features that can also make their similarities. However, with the two tools, one tool must feel superior to the other, where you need to identify the features before choosing it.

If you are a first-time worker in the woodwork industry, you can worry about which one to pick.  Luckily, the article below provides the differences, similarities, FAQs, and conclusion that summarizes everything. I will also recommend the best tool to use among the two tools.

Quick comparison table

comparison Ridgid r4514 Ridgid r4518
weight heavy light
features Fewer features More features
Price expensive cheap
Storage facility Has the facility Lacks the storage facility
stands front and back fencing clamp anti-kickback pawls

Differences between Ridgid r4518 and r4514ridgid r4514 vs r4518

  • Weight

R4514 feels heavier than R4518 since one weighs 95 pounds while the other one weighs 69 pounds. This shows that for portability purposes, choose to use  R4518 since you can travel with it for long-distance unlike using R4514 which can make one feel tired while carrying it.

  • Features

The two woodwork tools contain different features that make them work better.  The R4518 contains a 10 inch saw blade, rip fence, anti-kickback gadget, miter gauge, installation manual, hex wrench, blade wrench, and push stick.

On the other hand, the R4514 contains fewer features, including miter gauge, rip fence, spare blades, and other necessary tools the wood cutting process needs for the activities to be complete.

  • Stands

The R4518 woodwork tool has the anti-kickback pawls that help in balance and work in helping the blade guard, while the R4514 has the front and back fencing clamp that fits into the T slots to support it when standing.

  • Storage facility

The R4514 has the storage facility that works by storing the tool that is necessary with the woodwork in the R4514 that enhances the security of the parts, while the R4518 lacks the storage facility meaning when you remove any part without carefully fixing it or placing it in a commonplace you can easily lose since tools are less secure.

Similarities of the two toolsSimilarities of the two tools

  1. Both are easy to use and install, so that any individual can fix it in its right place for later use.
  2. Both have blades that majorly work in cutting.
  3. They are both for the same purposes since they work in the woodwork industry.
  4.  Both contain some different accessories that help enhance the process of cutting in the industry.
  5.  Both use the 15 amperes of current that helps them save electricity.

The most recommended among the two toolsThe most recommended among the two tools

The choice of the tools depends on the preference and the price. If you have enough cash to buy the table, used in the industry, consider choosing the Ridgid r4514 since it is a bit more expensive than r4518. The difference between the prices comes in with the features and other accessories it contains. The r4514 has a portable stand, making it more comfortable to use.

I recommend using the r4514 since it contains more quality features enhancing the woodwork process. The r4514 is also larger than enhancing its ability to cut left and right properly.

Factors to consider when buying a table sawFactors to consider when buying a table saw

1. Type of base

When buying a table saw or choosing the best type of table saw to use, consider checking the type of bases the table saw contains since the base helps the saw find a balance between mobility and accuracy.  There are only three types of base setups that exist, which include the portable or benchtop set up, hybrid and stationary.

2. Space of the table

The space of the table determines the size of the wood that you can handle with the table.  Therefore, when choosing a table saw, consider checking on the tablespace such that if the wood you are cutting is large, consider using a large table, but if the material to cut is small, you can choose a small table.

3. The capacity of the rip

The process of ripping a board refers to cutting the board in the same direction as the grain of the wood. Rip capacity refers to the distance between the saw blade and the fence, meaning that if the distance between the two is large, it shows that the boards are also large enough for ripping.

Therefore, when choosing the table saw, check on the ripping capacity to ensure the table saw is the right distance to work well with the board when cutting wood.

4. Size of the saw blade

If the size of the blade used on the miter saw and the table saw are the same, then you can interchange them and still work perfectly. Buying a table saw that has the same size as the miter helps the individual prevent you from purchasing two different sets of blades for the machine.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What is a different type of table saw to use apart from the Ridgid brand?

Dewalt DW745S is another table to use even though it is small.


The article above shows the similarities and differences of the two devices with their advantages and disadvantages. The differences help you to find the qualities or features of the tools that satisfy you. There is also the most recommended tool and the factors to consider when buying the tools.

Therefore, kindly follow the article to know each device’s features that help you choose the best among the two for use. Remember, people have different tests for activities they carry, so selecting a device that you know well can work with your best at your place is good.

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