Ridgid r4514 vs. Dewalt Dwe7491rs- Differences and Similarities

Choosing the right table saw tool in the woodwork industry needs one to have the idea of the woodworking to choose the right tool for their work. To choose the two tools, you need to know the differences they have and their similarities so that you can use their features to choose among them.

So what are the differences between Ridgid r4514and Dewalt dwe7491rs? For individuals starting the plumbing activity, the difference between the two tools can be the color and their sizes. However, Ridgid r4514is the best press tool to use among the two tools you can easily use.

And what shows that one of the tools is better than the other? This is a normal question that many people ask when you recommend one tool for use. Luckily, the article below provides the differences, similarities, FAQs, and, lastly, the conclusion that summarizes everything.

Quick comparison table

comparison Ridgid r4514 Dewalt dwe7491rs
weight heavy light
size large small
Power source AC and DC AC
warranty One year Three years
Cutting depth shallow deeper

Differences between Ridgid r4514 and Dewalt Dwe7491rsridgid r4514 vs dewalt dwe7491rs

  • Weight

The weight of the Ridgid brand tool is a bit heavier than Dewalt dwe 7491 since it weighs 90.5 pounds while Dewalt weighs 90 pounds. The weight difference is so slight that you cannot easily identify them.

  • Size

The size of the tools brings a major part of the difference between them. The size of the tools, in this case, is in terms of length, width and height. The dimensions of the Ridgid are 30 inches by 41 inches by 17 inches, respectively, while the dimensions of the Dewalt are 31 inches by 24 inches by 31 inches respectively.

  • Power source

The power source refers to the source the tools are using to get their power to work from. The main power sources are either alternating current or direct current. In this case, the Dewalt uses the alternating current as their power source, while the Ridgid tools use either the direct current or alternating current to run its activities.

  • Warranty

The warranty refers to the period the tools can have access to free services and replacement tools from the manufacturer. The warranty period of the Ridgid is one year, while the warranty period of the Dewalt is about three years.

  • Maximum cut depth

The maximum cut depth is the distance the table saw can cut, whereby the maximum cutting depth of the Dewalt is 2.4 inches to about 3.8 inches while the maximum cutting depth of the Ridgid is 2.4 inches to about 3.5 inches meaning the Dewalt cuts deeper than Ridgid.

Similarities of the two toolsSimilarities of the two tools

  •  Both tools show super-fast performance with amperes of 15.
  • Both tools can hold heavy-duty work with ease.
  •  Both tools can manage dust with the small dust port.
  • Both have a table size of 10 inches.
  • Both have a warranty period.
  • Both are of the same application that they cut wood.

Ridgid r4514Ridgid r4514


  • It is light in weight that makes it highly portable.
  • It has a stand that is wheeled, which increases its mobility.
  • It has a powerful motor that powers up enough energy to carry out the woodwork activities.
  • It is highly versatile in that it can accommodate various accessories and attachments.


  • Its handles are of low quality made of plastic which can weaken when using the table saw.

Dewalt dwe7491rsDewalt dwe7491rs


  • It has a wheeled rolling stand for mobility and stability.
  • It has a powerful motor that enhances power production to drive the blade when cutting in the workshop.
  • It has enough working space, which is adequate for the process of cutting wood.
  • It consists of a chart that provides a firm support ideal for making narrow rip cuts.


  • It is not compatible with the hardy dado blades; hence it cannot use the saw to make grooves on the woodwork.

Which saw to pick among the two tools above?

Which saw to pick among the two tools above
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When it comes to picking the best tool to use, it is then time to check on the finer details of the two good table saws. There are some things to major in before choosing the best saw, which I will describe below: A miter gauge is a unit that holds the workpieces at an angle such that your cuts will be fine.  Therefore, in this case, the Ridgid miter gauge is good when it comes to quality and suitability to the cutting process, while with the Dewalt, the miter gauge has a locking mechanism, plus it lacks the T tracks meaning Ridgid is best in this case.

However, for beginners, use Dewalt since it offers good performance and a nice protective system with accurate results.  It has a blade guard that protects the users from injuries in case of an accident. It also works best when remodeling the furniture as it gives accurate results. It is also good when working in crowded places.

Ridgid has an ergonomic design that makes it portable and has maximum stability level. So among the two tools, consider choosing the Ridgid since it provides good features for any table saw for use.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • What is the moderate price for table saws?

The price of table saws differs according to the quality and brand of the saw. In most cases, the most expensive saw is $800 while the cheapest is $300.

  • What is the recommended table saw for beginners?

The best saw for beginners is the Dewalt dwe7491rs since it has some protective features that prevent the user from injuries.

  • Which type of materials do table saws cut?

In most cases, the common materials that table saws cut are wood materials. However, the table saws can also cut thin metal, plastic, and tiles.


A table saw is an important woodworking tool that any woodworker needs in their workshop to make work easier. However, choosing the table saws becomes a hard task for them that they need to consult. I got you covered in the article since I provided the necessary information that you will need to make choices.

Therefore, follow the differences in the article and similarities to easily find the best tool that will work for you and provide good products for your customers. The points help either buy or upgrade the existing tool you are using since you will check which features fit your preference.

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