Ridgid r4512 vs. Delta 36-725- Which One Is the Best

Most individuals buying table saws are interested in getting a table saw that has a good cutting degree, is versatile, and is compact. However, choosing the best table saw to use becomes a difficult task for them to complete that brings confusion which they need to identify the differences of the devices. At this point, they keep on asking themselves what the differences of the devices are, for instance, the Ridgid r4512 and Delta 36 725. At first, we can all see that the first difference is from their brands which are different. Therefore, consider identifying the differences to choose the best device. The article below provides the necessary information about your devices which are the differences and similarities. There will be the most recommended device to use, the frequently asked questions, and lastly, the conclusion.

Differences between the two table sawsridgid r4512 vs delta 36-725

  • Weight

The weight of the two items brings the most significant difference that can make any user differentiate them.  The Delta 36 -725 is lighter than the Ridgid since it weighs around 200 pounds, while the Ridgid weighs about 267 pounds, making it heavier. Therefore, the Delta is the most convenient when moving with it from different places.

  • Cutting performance

The cutting performance differs slightly, such that the Ridgid cuts wood with a thickness of 3.25 inches at an angle of 90 degrees with a wood depth of 2.25 inches at an angle of 45 degrees. More so, it offers a 30 inches maximum rip capacity to the blades right and 15 inches to the blades left for maximum cutting. On the other side, the Delta 36 725 cuts wood with a depth of 2.2 at an angle of 45 degrees, while at 90 degrees, it cuts wood to a depth of 3.5 degrees. The maximum rip capacity is the same, which is about 30 inches and 15 inches to the right and left, respectively, for maximum cutting.

  • Speed

Delta 36 725 has a higher cutting load of about 3600 RPM, showing that it is powerful enough to rip any material and stubborn stock, whether metal or wood. On the other hand, Ridgidr4512 has a speed of 3450 RPM.

  • Installation

Installing the Delta 36 725 is a bit easy since the power cord is long enough to reach the power source, and you can adjust the rip fence while on the Ridgid; the installation is a bit hard since the power cord is short that it cannot reach to the power source with ease and also adjusting the rip fence is a bit difficult.

  • Price

The price of the two table saws differs according to their different manufacturers. In this case, the Ridgid seems more expensive since their manufacturers offer products with higher prices while the Delta is cheaper.

Similarities of the two table saws

Similarities of the two table saws
source: https://www.versusking.com/
  1. Both table saws are of the same size and are similar
  2. Both their speeds can be adjusted to fit the user’s preference.
  3. Both table saws have inbuilt accessories slots for installing extra fences.
  4. Both table saws use alternating currents to run their activities.
  5. Both table saws use motors that have 120 volts of power to maximize the efficiency of cutting.
  6. Both use the manual on and off switch when working.
  7. Both the table saws come with safety features that guarantee the user of security while using the devices. The safety features include the blade guards, riving knife, and anti-kickback system to enhance work hazards and kickbacks.
  8. Both table saws have the belt-driven amp-powered motor that helps in providing adequate power to cut thick items at the place of work.
  9. Both table saws have integrated dust ports.
  10. Both table saws have a good wheelbase that enhances stability and balance
  11. Both table saws have powerful ado table saw blades.
  12. Both saws have a good design of the fence and rail system
  13. Both table saws have a warranty of five years.
  14. Both tables’ saws are durable.

Ridgid r4512Ridgid r4512


  • It is durable
  • Has a longer warranty period
  • It is safe and secure
  • Produces fine cuts
  • It is best for learners since it cuts at a lower speed.


  • It has a short power cord that reduces the rate of power transmission

Delta 36 725Delta 36 725


  • It is stable due to the wheelbase that also facilitates movement
  • It has a long power cord to provide enough power
  • Its performance rate is higher
  • It produces accurate cuts
  • It is pocket friendly
  • It is durable


  • It has a manual switch that makes it hard to work when using it.

Which one is the best among the two devices?Which one is the best among the two devices

The best product to use among the two devices is the Delta 36 725, even though the two devices are both of good service and have quality features. Both the devices make good cuts, but the Delta has the overall best performance.  This is because the Delta device is precise in cutting and can handle any light-duty to the medium-duty job. In addition to that, it has a wheelbase that enhances easy movement and comes at a cheaper price than anyone can afford. More so, it has a good steel rip fence design that ensures a proper adjustment on the rail system for accurate cuts.

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FAQs About Ridgid r4512 vs. Delta 36-725:

  • What is the moderate price for table saws?

The price of table saws differs according to the quality and brand of the saw. In most cases, the most expensive saw is $800 while the cheapest is $300.

  • What is the recommended table saw for beginners?

The best saw for beginners is the Ridgid r4512 since it has some protective features that prevent the user from injuries.

  • Which type of materials do table saws cut?

In most cases, the common materials that table saws cut are wood materials. However, the table saws can also cut thin metal, plastic, and tiles.


When choosing the table saws, there is always confusion on which one I should choose to work well with me? So, it is time to get rid of the worries since the article provides the differences and similarities of the two products that you can check on before choosing them. Kindly follow the article and major on the differences to get a clear view of the two devices. There are also the advantages and disadvantages of the products that will help choose between the two tools. However, both the tools work to their best, but there must be one that is more powerful.

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