Ridgid r4222 vs. Dewalt Dws780- Which Is the Best

There isn’t much of a difference between the Ridgid and Dewalt Miter Saws. However, there are situations when we want to know the difference between the two saws. Ridgid is a company that takes pride in its work.

As a result, its mission is to provide workers with tools. Dewalt, on the other hand, brags about how tough its products are. Rigid saws are powerful power tools that are huge and heavy. The Dewalt, on the other hand, is more modest.

This article discusses the differences between the Ridgid r4222 vs. Dewalt dws780. As a result, you will know which of the saws is best for you to purchase. Let’s go deep into the discussion.

Quick Comparison table between ridgid r4222 and dewalt dws780

  Ridgid r4222 Dewalt dws780
Price $390 at  amazon $599
material A 12-inch carbide-tipped aluminum/iron alloys and steel
quality It has a reputation for being a straightforward tool It is praised for its absence of wobble during cutting.
application suited to cutting large bevels It’s known for its beautiful woodworking, but it also comes with a general-purpose blade. Other than that, it’s great for framing lumber and general woodwork.

Differences in features

To compare each feature and standard, we chose two well-known models from the Ridgid and Dewalt brands. As a result, the comparison of the Ridgid r4222 and the Dewalt dws780 will assist you in selecting the best miter saw for your needs.

1. Features of Dewalt 780ridgid r4222 vs dewalt dws780

  1. The shadow line cut indication on the Dewalt-780 is called XPS.
  2. The DWS780 is a brutal machine with a lot of adjustability. To maintain precision while using the instrument without losing speed.
  3. It includes a bevel stop adjustment for quick discharge. It provides it with a precise set of bevel angles ranging from 49° left to right.
  4. Additionally, a cam action miter lock mechanism is included, guaranteeing that the miter setting is faster and more efficient. Allowing the user to deal with angles ranging from 0° to 50° left and 0° to 60° right.
  5. It is known as the DE7025 and comes with brackets to fit. It also comes with a DE7023 stand, which is rather impressive.

As a user, having a saw with the XPS shadow line cut is advantageous since it allows for quick and accurate cuts. At the same time, you’ll need to provide illumination for your work materials that don’t require any adjustments. That operates even in direct sunshine, which is helpful in a variety of scenarios.

2. Features of the Ridgid-R4222Features of the Ridgid-R4222

  1. Miter and bevel detents that can be adjusted and bypassed.
  2. Built-in dust collection port: Compatible with wet/dry vacuum adapters 1-1/4 inch in diameter.
  3. Drills that fit common stops and crown molding halts are used to mount crown stops.
  4. Blade Brake: Stops the blade to allow for faster transitions between cuts.
  5. Positive Bevel: Allows for a positive halt that may be adjusted instantly at 0°, 15°, 22.5°, 33.9°, and even 45° on both sides.
  6. Positive Miter Stops: – positive halt with quick adjustment at 0°, 15°, 22.5°, and 31.6° angles. Left and right at 45°, 60°, and 67.5° angles.

The crown stop mounting holes are to thank for the tool’s safety. Based on the enthusiasm of many users, a 70-degree miter cut saw has been in the works for quite some time.

Material comparisonMaterial comparison

A 12-inch carbide-tipped blade is included with the Ridgid-R4222 miter saw. In addition, the handle is made of the same plastic as Dewalt. However, Dewalt’s general body surface regions are made primarily of aluminum/iron alloys and steel. R4222 is similar to the Ridgid-R4221 miter saw in that it will easily slide.

The Dewalt DWS 779 is an older, more affordable model. Furthermore, the Dewalt DWS 780, which was released recently, is an improvement that provides increased accuracy. As a result, it comes with an XPS cutline light, making it more expensive. The majority of Ridgid users believe it is highly durable. The Dewalt has a positive reputation for its material robustness.

Quality ComparisonQuality Comparison

The Ridgid R4222 has a reputation for being a straightforward tool. A 6-foot cord with a 15 Amp strong motor is a deal-breaker with a 70-degree ground-breaking miter cut and a powerful spin at 4000 RPM.

The Dewalt DWS 780, on the other hand, is praised for its absence of wobble during cutting. As a result, it’s ideal for high-end applications that require fewer aberrations.

According to the Ridgid miter saw review; it has some flexibility. However, because it is bigger, it would require a stand for mobility. Ridgid’s dominance is based on the adaptability of its angling; you can modify it nearly automatically.

In comparison, the Dewalt is more compact. However, cutting at angles greater than 60 degrees would necessitate the use of a special jig. Nonetheless, the Dewalt is a strong tool with high-capacity motors and cutting-edge technology. It holds its own against the Ridgid despite having less power (3800 max). By removing the back fence, it enhances the cut depth, enhancing efficiency and versatility.

Price Comparison of the TwoPrice Comparison of the Two

For $390, the Ridgid R4222 miter saw is a tool that isn’t very cool. If you check Amazon right now, it may be unavailable or out of stock.

The Dewalt isn’t the most expensive component of R4222 at $599, but it’s worth it for its adequate capabilities.

According to customer feedback, the Ridgid R4222 is not the best option for regular woodworking. They believe that investing in the Dewalt 780 is critical.

As an unbiased user, buying a Dewalt for projects that demand more movement and precision is a good idea. When you have a decent budget, ordering a Dewalt is the most acceptable option.

  • What is the best Ridgid Miter Saw application?

So here’s a saw that’s ideally suited to cutting large bevels. It’s ideal for both sides as well as for trim installations when using the 70-degree bevel cuts.

  • What is the Best Dewalt Miter Saw Application?

A Dewalt dws780 is ideal for both professionals and beginners. It’s known for its beautiful woodworking, but it also comes with a general-purpose blade. Other than that, it’s great for framing lumber and general woodwork.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Is Ridgid on par with DeWalt?

We’ve seen that Dewalt is in a league of its own, with its own set of characteristics. The Dewalt is an excellent alternative to the Ridgid and has all the features that make the most excellent miter saw. Each saw can be ideal, depending on the situation.


The DeWalt DWS780 is a tried-and-true model capable of cutting thick boards up to 6.75 inches wide. In comparison to the Ridgid, the DeWalt is smaller and lighter. The advantage of the Ridgid R4222 is its work light, which helps you to see even in dimly lit areas. It also has a higher speed rating.

It is vital to compare the Ridgid vs. Dewalt miter saws because it provides options when purchasing. Both brands are established and compete on an equal footing. Both tools have good after-sales support and are long-lasting.

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