What Is the Comparison Between Ridgid r4222 vs. Dewalt Dws779?

The Ridgid R4222 is a highly flexible tool that excels when it counts. It will work for everyone but the pickiest woodworkers and standard carpentry. That is the saw for you if you need a powerful, accurate saw with a huge capacity for large and little jobs without spending a lot of money.

The DEWALT DWS779 12′′ Sliding Compound Miter saw it as an excellent choice for anyone who wants portability without sacrificing the power and cutting capacity required for even the most demanding applications. With its strong engine and 12-inch cutting blade, the DWS779 can handle even the most brutal cuts, and its double-bevel design, which allows you to bevel both lefts and right as well as miter both left and right, will have you executing even the most intricate cuts with ease.

We will compare the two types of saws in this article, their features, differences, and similarities. Continue reading this article if you want to know more about the ridged r4222 vs. Dewalt dws779.

Differences in features

To compare each feature and standard, we chose two well-known models from the Ridgid and Dewalt brands. As a result, the comparison of the Ridgid r4222 and the Dewalt dws779 will assist you in selecting the best mitre saw for your needs.

1. Features of the Ridgid-R4222ridgid r4222 vs dewalt dws779

  1. Miter and bevel detents that can be adjusted and bypassed.
  2. Built-in dust collection port: Compatible with wet/dry vacuum adapters 1-1/4 inch in diameter.
  3. Drills that fit common stops and crown molding halts are used to mount crown stops.
  4. Blade Brake: Stops the blade to allow for faster transitions between cuts.
  5. Positive Bevel: Allows for a positive halt that may be adjusted instantly at 0°, 15°, 22.5°, 33.9°, and even 45° on both sides.
  6. ositive Miter Stops: – positive halt with quick adjustment at 0°, 15°, 22.5°, and 31.6° angles. Left and right at 45°, 60°, and 67.5° pitches.

The crown stop mounting holes are to thank for the tool’s safety. Based on the enthusiasm of many users, a 70-degree miter cut saw has been in the works for quite some time.

2. Features of Dewalt dws779Features of Dewalt dws779

  • Accuracy

The only thing my miter saw needs to do is cut straight, and that’s one of the things I like about it: everything is customizable. I cut a piece of plywood to the maximum cut length (13 3/4′′) and checked the accuracy right out of the box using a square. It was precisely square on the right side of the blade. The blade cut on the left side was a hair-off, maybe 1/64′′.

I can either leave it alone or divide the 1/64′′ between the two sides. A blade wrench with a star head is included to release the adjustment screws on the miter scale/detent plate. Loosen the four screws and adjust the miter angle accuracy until it cuts square.

  • Operation

Pull the trigger on the DWS779 DeWALT miter saw and let the blade reach full speed before smoothly lowering down to cut the board. Without the particular configuration to produce a 15 3/4′′ crosscut, the most comprehensive board I could cut neatly at 90 degrees is 13 3/4′′. When cutting larger pieces, bring the saw out toward you, lower it to the board, and then slowly push it back to cut. On this saw, the rails are pretty smooth.

  • Angle of Miter

Press down on the button in front of the handle to change the miter angle. The miter angle on the right side can be 60 degrees and 50 degrees on the left, which is quite generous. For joint angles, the miter scale has easy detents (notches). The detents will be bypassed if you use the little lever on the side of the button. Press the lever down to lock the miter saw once it has been turned to the desired angle.

  • Angle of Bevel

It’s also simple to adjust the bevel angle, loosen the bevel lock knob and rotate to the appropriate angle before tightening the knob.

The bevel angle will stop at 45 degrees by default, but you can pull a little lever to continue spinning the head to 49 degrees. If you require the bevel angle to rotate oppositely, take out another knob, and it will pass through 0 degrees and continue to turn.

Comparison between ridgid r4222 vs. Dewalt DWS 779 in a tabular form

  Ridged r4222 Dewalt dws779
Height of the tool 20.50 inches 17 inches
Diameter of the blade 12 inches 12 inches
Length of the tool 38.75 inches 24.75 inches
Weight 64 pounds 56 pounds
Speed without load 4000 rpm 3800 rpm
Max cut thickness 4 inches 6.75 inches
Max left bevel 70 degrees 48 degrees
Max right bevel 70 degrees 48 degrees
The cutting capacity at 90 degrees Two by 16 or 4 by 6 inches Two by 14 inches
Cutting capacity at 45 degrees Two by 12 or 4 by 6 inches Two by 10 inches

Important distinctionsImportant distinctions

We’ll go through the fundamental distinctions between these two miter saws in this section.

  • Dimensions and Weight

The Dewalt DWS779 is 8 pounds lighter. It weighs 56 pounds against 64 pounds for the Ridgid R4222. The DWS779 is likewise more compact.

  • The speed with No Load

The Ridgid R4222 spins at 4,000 RPM without load, which is faster than the DWS770.

  • Bevel Maximum

“Industry-leading 0-70-degree miter range with 70 degrees to the left and right,” according to the Ridgid R4222. The DWS779, on the other hand, offers a miter range of up to 48 degrees, both left and right.

  • The thickness of the Cut

The DeWalt DWS779 can cut up to 6.75-inch thick boards. The Ridgid R4222, on the other hand, can cut up to 4 inches.

  • Work in a light manner

The Ridgid R4222 includes a built-in work light, which is one of its benefits. An LED light is not included with the DeWalt DWS779. It also has a higher speed rating.

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The DeWalt DWS779 is a tried-and-true model capable of cutting thick boards up to 6.75 inches wide. In comparison to the Ridgid, the DeWalt is smaller and lighter. The advantage of the Ridgid R4222 is its work light, which helps you to see even in dimly lit areas. It also has a higher speed rating.

When you consider DEWALT’s excellent reputation for creating and manufacturing high-quality, low-cost power tools, the DWS779 miter saw is a no-brainer. It is vital to compare the Ridgid vs. Dewalt miter saws because it provides options when purchasing. Both brands are established and compete on an equal footing.

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