Ridgid k380 vs. K400- Which One to Pick?

Both Ridgid k380 and k400 are drain cleaning machines that the Ridgid brand offers to their customers. However, the individuals who need the drain cleaning machines do not understand which one to use among the two items having worries like which one is the best for use when choosing them.

So what is the difference between the two devices? Usually, the difference between two items arises from the prices, size, weight, and other features. At the same time, the components may be similar because they are of the same brand and purpose; before choosing the best device, study their features carefully.

Therefore, do not keep worrying about how you will differentiate the two devices since I will provide the necessary information about the two drain cleaning machines in the article below. There is the frequently asked question and later the conclusion, which sums up the whole article.

Quick comparison table

comparison Ridgid k380 Ridgid k400
motor 1725RPM 165 RPM
Size small big
weight 37lbs 45lbs

Differences between the two drain cleaning machinesridgid k380 vs k400

  • Motor

The motor differences come in with the RPM. The RPM of K400 is 165 that the motor cable spins at when it is a third on the other side, the RPM of K380 is 1725 when it is still a third.

  • Weight

The significant difference between the two devices is the weight, which determines which one is the best device to use among the two.  K400 has a weight of 45 lbs which is 20 kilograms. On the other hand, the weight of the K380 is 37 lbs which shows that it is lighter than the other one making it more portable and reliable for use.

  • Size

The size of devices also shows a big difference when choosing them since one can be more significant than the other. With the K400, the dimensions are in length, width, and height, whereby the size is 53 cm by the height of 58 cm by width of 43 cm. on the other side, the length, height, and width are 22 inches and 15 inches respectively. The size shows that K400 is more significant than K380.

Similarities among the two devicesSimilarities among the two devices

  • Drum capacity

Both K400 and k 380 have a drum capacity of 100 with a diameter cable of 10mm when the diameter cable is 0.3, while at 75, the diameter cable is a half.

  • Warranty

Both have a warranty period that the user can access repair of the broken parts and replacement for free from the manufacturer.

  • Function

Both the two devices have the same purpose, which is to drain when cleaning since they are drain cleaning machines with the same purpose.

  • Brand

Both devices are of the same brand; the Ridgid company produces different kinds of devices for other purposes at home that help make work easier.

  • Place of work

The two devices work at the same place of work that you can use either at home or at the site you are working or maybe in an industry that you are cleaning some parts or items within.

Factors to consider when buying such devicesFactors to consider when buying such devices

1. Price

When choosing a machine to buy, considering the price is best because you can select a higher-priced device and cannot afford it. Therefore, when you want the vacuum cleaner, check its price first, then decide whether you will take it or not. If the price is high, you can choose to change and buy a different one for use.

2. Amount of Power

Choose a machine that uses less amount of power in your filtering process. Remember, when the engine uses less energy, it saves your electricity bills at your industry as the user.

3. Connections with other external devices

The vacuum cleaner must connect to some other external devices for proper filtering and trapping of dust at any place. Ensure you choose a vacuum cleaner that you can fix with any device to help trap and filter dust in a specific area.

4. Portability

Portability means the ability to move the device from one place to another. So when choosing the best widget for use at home with vacuum filters, check the device’s portability. Portability matters a lot because you may want to move the machine from one place to a different place to record the audio. And when the device is hard to proceed with, you cannot manage to do the filtering process unless the activities are within your place. Therefore, choose a device that can move or light to move it from one place to another without difficulties.

The most recommended among the two devicesThe most recommended among the two devices

The most recommended tool to use here is the K400 since it has good features that I will describe below. It has an integrated transport cart that enhances easy movement to and from where you are using the machine and can also move upstairs. It has a retractable handle that helps in transporting the device. It has a cable control system that helps stop the drum from spinning and notices any blockages in the machine.

However, the choice of the machines depends on the user and what they feel is right for them. K380 also has good features that the user can feel like choosing to use in their place of work so long as it satisfies them.

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FAQs About Ridgid k380 vs. K400:

  • What is the price of the drain cleaning machine?

The price of any machine depends on the type of machine you are buying since some can be expensive while some are cheap. To get the exact cost of the devices, consider visiting specific shops to get them.

  • Where can one buy the machines from?

To get the machines to consider visiting Amazon sites that offer the products at an affordable price. You can also visit the eBay site that also provides the same type of products.


The article above shows the differences and the similarities between the two drain cleaning machines. The differences between the two devices are parts of their features that you can check when buying them. There are also factors to consider when purchasing the devices.

Therefore, follow the guide carefully to help you get the details you can use either when purchasing a new device or when changing the device you are using. Kindly check on the buying guide to buy a suitable device.

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