Ridgid Battery Charger: Top 3 Picks for 18v Batteries

A Ridgid battery charger is essential in charging Ridgid battery tools that contain around 18 voltages. When buying a Ridgid device, check if an original charger is functioning correctly and other accessories. When purchasing the charger, you must consider factors such as; the price, the charging time, and the type of battery being charged, among others.

There are the best three chargers from Ridgid manufacturers for 18V NiCad & Lithium Batteries. The article briefly reviews the three best Ridgid chargers for 18V NiCad & Lithium Batteries, their pros, cons, and recommendations.

Ridgid Battery Charger: Top 3 Picks for 18V NiCad & Lithium Batteries

1. Ridgid R86092 chargerRidgid Battery Charger

The Ridgid R86092 charger is essential in all batteries but not within the shortest time because it is not a fast charger. The batteries being charged by the charger include; NiCad and Lithium-ion cells batteries.

Main features

  • Trickle charging ability

This type of Ridgid charger can charge the battery continuously without damaging it. Also, it maintains the battery at a fully-charged state and protects it from any power issues. The trickle charging ability, especially for old batteries, can revive the batteries and bring them to correct functioning.

  • Charging time

The charging time depends on the output and the type of the battery. For instance, a 4Ah takes approximately 2 hours to charge fully, and a 2 Ah battery with a 2Ah output can take from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

  • Dual chemistry

The charger contains dual chemistry chemicals which are NiCad and Lithium-ion cells that are not new. The dual chemistry is essential for older batteries, especially the NiCad batteries since they improve and revive old battery conditions.

  • Cost

This type of Ridgid charger is cheaper compared to the two Ridgid chargers below. Although the chargers are cheap, they have the exact resemblance to other costly chargers, and there is only a slight difference between them and the expensive chargers.

  • LED light indicator

The charger has a clear menu that shows when the battery is dead or flat, charging and not charging, low power being transmitted to the battery. The menu displayed by the LED indicator is easy to read and access. The Fled light indicator feature shown when the battery is ultimately charged to protect the battery from overcharging and overheating hence saving electricity bills.

Also, the LED light present in the charger maintains the battery when fully charged, keeping it charged all the time without being damaged.

  • Plastic case cover

The charger is covered by a plastic case that is made of lead. Once you touch the plastic case, a chemical smell is left on the hands. The only way of getting rid of it is by washing the hands using recommended detergents such as vegetable oil, coconut oil, vanilla extract, and vinegar.

  • Relatively cheaper than other chargers.
  • LED light indicators indicating charge present.
  • Small in size hence saves space and can fit in the back bag.
  • Battery maintenance ability to keep the battery fully charged.
  • It is portable, mounted on the tool rack or the wall.
  • Foul odour from the lead plastic cover.
  • Heavily packed.

Due to its limited charging ability, it is primarily suitable for home use. The charger only charges a few Ridgid devices within the house.


2. Ridgid R840095 Gen5X battery chargerRidgid R840095 Gen5X battery charger

This type of charger is faster than the Ridgid R86092 charger and takes less time, approximately 25 to 30 minutes depending on the Ah rating.

Key characteristics

  • Supported devices

The charger charges all devices that support 18 voltages. It is usually in the latest version, unlike the Ridgid R86092 charger that revives old batteries.

  • Dual chemistry charging system

The charger supports both NiCad and Lithium-ion cells, not depending on the version. The charger can support both old and new batteries and revive dead batteries.

  • Energy-saving features

The Ridgid R840095 Gen5X battery charger has energy-saving features in that it automatically switches off once the battery is ultimately charged. The auto-off power feature protects the battery from any power faults such as overcharging or overheating, keeping the battery in good condition.

  • Charging speed

The charger charges batteries fully within the shortest time, approximately 20 to 25 minutes for a 2Ah battery, or even less than 20 minutes. It has a charging rate of 5Ah. The more the battery Ah, the more time taken to charge the battery size completely.

  • LED light indicators

The LED light indicators are essential. They indicate the charge level in the battery, detect when the battery is completely charged, and detect when the battery is undercharging and not charging at all. Also, the light indicators send a notification signal indicating a failing or a dead battery.

  • Airflow design

The charger has an airflow design that allows air to circulate the battery, thus bringing a cooling effect to the battery, especially when there are extremely hot temperatures.  The airflow design regulates the high temperatures, thus maximizing the charging process.

  • Mounting places

The chargers are positioned on the wall or on the workbench to occupy less space.

  • Has airflow design to control temperatures around the battery.
  • It has auto-off power that shuts off once the battery is fully charged.
  • Displays battery status menu.
  • Had dual chemistry NiCad and Lithium-ion cell batteries.
  • Affordable price.
  • Mounted on walls and workbenches to save space.
  • It lacks a warranty period.

The charger is suitable for charging their batteries faster since it has a 5Ah rating.


3. Ridgid AC840094 Gen5X 18V Battery ChargerRidgid AC840094 Gen5X 18V Battery Charger

This type of charger is essential in charging two batteries since it has two charging ports. The charger charges one battery at a time with automatic switching.

Key characteristics

The charger has some unique features that uniquely identify it from the other two chargers.

  • Dual ports

The charger supports two battery charging processes in that it charges one battery and automatically switches to charging another battery until they are all fully charged.

  • Trickle charging method

Once the batteries are completely charged, the charger automatically shifts to trickle charging mode to keep the battery charging while maintaining an optimum level.

  • Charging rate

The charger has a fast-charging rate. For instance, batteries with two lower amp-hour batteries can take at most 60 minutes to be fully charged.

  • Cost

This type of charger is more expensive than the other two due to the presence of advanced features.

  • Design

The charger has a unique design with two-pass through AC outlets at the front panel that charge many devices as long as they have low amperes below 5. Also, it supports two USB sockets that allows one to charge the battery and other devices such as smartphones and tablets. The USB ports are advantageous because they reduce many chargers one needs to carry to charge many devices.

  • Dual chemistry design

The charger can charge both NiCad and Lithium-ion cells batteries, whether new or old. If the batteries contain both chemicals, the charger can charge the battery ideally.

  • Mounting place

The charger saves a lot of space as it is mounted either on the walls or on the workbench.

  • Dual USB ports.
  • It saves space when mounted on the wall or workbench.
  • Two pass-through AC outlets on the front panel.
  • Dual chemistry for both NiCad and Lithium-ion batteries.
  • Trickle charging mode.
  • Charges one battery at a time with dual ports.
  • Expensive.

It is most suitable for people wishing to charge two batteries continuously and has an excellent trickle charging feature.



The batteries exist in single or dual charging modes. When choosing a Ridgid charger, consider factors such as charging rate, chemistry present, trickle charging feature, among others shown above.

Finally, choose a charger that suits your device battery and your preference to avoid damaging the battery. Also, purchase a charger with safety features to protect the battery from issues such as overcharging.

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