Optimate 6vs Ctek 5.0 vs Noco Genius5- Quick Comparison

OPTIMATE 6, CTEK 5.0, and NOCO GENIUS1 are chargers that vehicle owners prefer when charging their cars since they can help start a dead battery and usually work. The chargers are also called trickle chargers; as they trickle the dead battery with some power, it comes back to normal. The trickle chargers are like jumper cables, except that they cannot charge cars in motion since they need to plug them in a wall to charge.

The three chargers are modern programmable chargers that are smart enough to detect when the battery is full of disconnecting and stopping charging when the car owner is far away or buys somewhere. The article shows differences, similarities and reviews the best charger among the three.

A quick comparison table

cost expensive cheaper cheaper
Shape and size 7.05x 12.28×3.35 5.91×11.02×2.36 7.95×3.43×4.61
Current rate 5A 4.3A 5A
Voltage supported 12V 12V 6V and 12V
Temperature detection Lacks temperature sensitivity mode Temperature sensitivity mode Temperature sensitivity mode
architecture largest medium smallest
Connection mode Eyelet connectors Eyelet connectors Uses a crocodile clip only
warranty 3-years 5-years 3-years

Differences between the OPTIMATE 6, CTEK 5.0, and NOCO GENIUS 5OPTIMATE 6 vs CTEK 5.0 vs NOCO GENIUS5

The three chargers are similar but differ in their sizes, prices, and function when charging. Below are the differences.

1. Purchasing price of the chargers

The price of the three differs according to the perfection in work and the number of currents and voltage they can offer. The OPTIMATE 6 is the most expensive when one wants to buy since it has more unique features. On the other hand, the CTEK 5.0 and the NOCO GENIUS 5 are almost the same.

2. Shape and size

Most of these chargers are cuboid-shaped objects that are three-dimensional in figures. The size is inches, where the OPTIMATE 6 is 12 inches by 7 inches by 3 inches, whereas the CTEK 5.0 has 11 inches by 5 inches by 2 inches as the NOCO GENIUS 5 has 4 inches by 3 inches by 8 inches. The OPTIMATE 6 is the largest, with the CTEK in the middle, and lastly, the NOCO GENIUS being the smallest.

3. Current for charging

The OPTIMATE 6 gives a current of 5A the same as the NOCO GENIUS 5, which has the highest currents, while the CTEK 5.0 gives less current of 4.3A.  Despite the difference in the current, the chargers support all vehicles since they have 12 volts that most cars batteries are compatible with. The difference comes depending on the size of the vehicle, where a large truck consumes much time to charge.

4. Charging capability

NOCO GENIUS can charge dead batteries to force the battery to receive its forcing feature, whereas the other two chargers cannot force charge to a dead battery. Because the NOCO GENIUS supports cars with 12 volts and 6 volts while the others support vehicles with 12 volts only.

5. Temperature detection

NOCO GENIUS and CTEK can detect the temperatures in the surrounding environment to prevent the battery from overcharging by blocking the current flow into the battery. In contrast, OPTIMATE 6 cannot see the temperatures.

6. Architecture

Texture and the interface of the chargers bring the difference between the chargers. In addition, the design differs according to the sizes, NOCO GENIUS is the smallest, OPTIMATE is the largest, and the CTEK is in the middle.

7. Mode of connection

In both cases, there is the use of crocodile clips to connect the charger to the battery. Still, the difference comes in where the CTEK and the OPTIMATE have eyelet connectors that one can use in place of the crocodile clips when there is a need for frequently charging the battery.

8. Period of warranty

The warranty period of chargers differs according to the manufacturer’s preference as some decide to allow two years or five years depending on the quality of the product. CTEK has an extended warranty period of about five years, whereas the OPTIMATE and the NOCO GENIUS have a warranty period of 3 years. However, it is still good that both have a warranty.

Similarities between OPTIMATE 6, CTEK 5.0, and NOCO GENIUS 5Similarities between OPTIMATE 6, CTEK 5.0, and NOCO GENIUS 5

Since the three chargers have the same purpose and are mainly used by car batteries, they can have the same features with how they operate. Below are the similarities of the three chargers.

1. Ability to charge

The three chargers can trickle any battery and charge it after connecting. Additionally, they can charge deep cycle batteries that require much power to charge and start their engines and can set the amount of energy the battery needs depending on the battery’s size without the user’s knowledge.

2. Safety measures

Chargers have features that prevent them from external damages to the surrounding. The trickle chargers have features that help them to prevent overcharging or avoid charging when there is a poor connection of the terminals. Moreover, the chargers can resist the moisture from the dirty particles that accumulate on their surfaces or sometimes when they get in touch with water from the rain. With overcharging, the chargers can reverse the polarity of the battery to prevent the battery from overcharging that can damage the battery and reduce its lifespan.

Since the chargers are intelligent enough, they help reduce the chances of overcharging by detecting when the battery is full and disconnecting the battery from the charger immediately. In addition, they contain flashlights that notify the user when the battery fails to receive charge or that the battery has damages and needs replacements.

The chargers have seals on their surfaces that prevent a spark from causing external damages to the user, charger, and battery. However, it is advisable to use the chargers in areas away from fire since it can cause some explosions.

Recommended battery charger among OPTIMATE 6vs CTEK 5.0 vs NOCO GENIUS5

NOCO GENIUS5 is the most preferred charger among the three due to its advanced features, such as a temperature sensor, which awakens a completely dead battery and is dustproof. The best NOCO GENIUS5 is the NOCO GENIUS5 5A smart charger.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What is the best charger to buy among the NOCO GENIUS, OPTIMATE, and CTEK?

Before buying any chargers, consider checking their prices, sizes, advantages, disadvantages, and other minor features. The answer here is the NOCO GENIUS5 charger is the best for use as it has more appealing features since it is an intelligent charger, maintains the battery prolonging its lifespan, and can charge a dead battery. The features of NOCO GENIUS include the following: it is small in size, making it lighter to carry even in the pocket, can detect the temperatures of the surround and prevent overcharging, can start a dead battery, is compatible with batteries that have 12volts or 6 volts and has seals that prevent the entry of dust.


The article above compares the NOCO GENIUS, CTEK, and OPTIMATE, considering their similarities and differences. The best charger to use here is the NOCO GENIUS. To purchase any of these chargers, consider visiting amazon shops or using their sites for the product you want, which offers them affordable prices.

It is essential to read the article and understand the features to choose any charger for your car to charge your battery. Follow the attributes above to have a clear understanding of what to use. Consider checking the size of the vehicle before choosing the type of charger to use since some chargers charge vehicles with 12 volts batteries. The best charger to use with the heavy truck is the OPTIMATE 6 since it can charge RVs batteries.

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