Noco Genius Boost Not Charging: [ Possible Reasons ]

The Noco Genius Boost is one of the most vital vehicle tools in the market today. They are designed to offer assistance in case of an emergency, like when the car battery charge gets flat. The Noco Boost should be charged, as it is usually helpful when it is charged. It can help you handle your car quickly and get moving in case of any battery failures.

The Noco Boost is one of the helpful jump starters that one can purchase from the market. It is designed with clamps and lights, providing a more efficient jump starting process. However, there are various problems associated with the Noco Genius Boost, including abnormal noises and problems when charging it. The article below outlines various problems that make the boost not to charge, and their corresponding troubleshooting tips.

The Noco Genius boostThe Noco Genius boost

The Noco Genius boost is presently one of the several Noco jump-starters on the market. Its compact size and lovely style are some of its attractive aspects. It comes in a tiny area with all the standard elements, controls and ports. The Noco Genius boost features truly indicate that it is a multipurpose system.

 Additionally, it is designed with clear buttons for light, power and battery status indications. The designer has incorporated a USB port that allows the gadget to be charged in contrast to a fixed input port to charge the jump starter. Every port is carefully labelled to avoid case connection errors.

It has powerful components, including a 1000 Amps jump starter, which is advantageous in that it may offer at least twenty jumps on a single charge. The single Boost charge can also charge your handset four times fully. It is also designed with dirt covers and soldering on its casing for further protection.

However, regardless of these advantageous features, the Noco Genius boost has got several drawbacks which could include;

  1. There are relatively short cords on the clamps.
  2. Limited to batteries with 12 volts of lead-acid.
  3. Limited port capability and number.
  4. Only 5V ports are available.
  5. Inadequate charging through wall outlet.
  6. Offers less than six jump-starts on one charge.

Reasons why the Noco Genius charging Boost does not work

The following are some of the most common reasons that make the Noco Genius Booster fail to charge;

1. Wrong USB Port connection

This particular jump starter has two USB porNoco Genius Boost Not Chargingts, whereby one is connected in and the other port is connected out. Usually, an internal boost battery connection to the wrong USB does not charge the battery.

For best results, plug the USB cable to the USB-In outlet whenever recharging the Noco Boost battery. When charging additional gadgets from the Noco Boost jump starter, ensure you use the USB-Out socket. The socket can be used to charge cell phones, headsets, and other Optical drives.

It is easier to identify the relevant socket as the Noco Boost’s casing is labelled clearly. The Noco Boost developers have also included a micro USB port on the input end, and a complete USB port on the output end.

2. Damaged USB charging cableDamaged USB charging cable

A possible reason as to why the Noco Genius Boost may not get charged could be due to a faulty USB cable. When it comes to these cables, they are exceptionally strong, but they do experience a harsh existence. You may be surprised how many times the cables may be stuck or crushed in your travel bag when travelling. 

To be sure the cable is in the proper condition, first pass the cord between your fingertips to feel if it is twisted or damaged. If the coating has just a little defect, it is possible that one of its thin wires is damaged. Lastly, check all the connectors to ensure that they appear to be in good condition.

If you have an extra USB cable lying around, plugging it in is simple. Simply replace the damaged original cable if possible. It is inexpensive to buy, and also inconvenient to repair.

3. An unclean USB portAn unclean USB port

The Noco Genius Boost is mostly used in a variety of different locations, including possibly dirtier environments. The item could potentially get into contact with various substances and lubricants within the particular workshop. Beware of dust, filth, and corrosion inside the USB port. Cables may lose their connection to the charging port if any of these things are present.

Compressed air that is commonly used on computers can be used to clean off dust from the USB ports. One can also use contact cleaners to cleanse filthy contacts. When using the USB ports, avoid pushing anything into the ports as it may leave particles into the ports, or possibly damage them. It is important to remove any possible debris inside the ports for a successful charging of your device.  

4. A power outlet that doesn’t workA power outlet that doesn’t work

To use the Noco Boost, ensure you connect it to a USB Out port through a USB cable. It may be plugged into different standard USB charging sources, such as an outlet adapter. Whenever the Noco Boost does not charge when plugged into an electric socket, the issue could be the outlet itself.

 To confirm this, start by trying to connect the Boost to a different outlet and see whether it is charging. In case the Noco Boost starts to charge on connecting to a different outlet, it means that the problem was surely the specific outlet. Thus, you will need to get an electrician to fix the outlet and have your Boost charged.

5. A damaged Noco Internal batteryA damaged Noco Internal battery

If your Noco Genius Boost is not recharging or it probably does not retain a charge, your battery may be damaged. Damage could be done to the internal battery in a few various ways. Similar to other batteries, the one included in the Boost has to be recharged on a frequent basis. Most of the time, a monthly cycle is sufficient, although the Boost’s location could influence how often it needs to be charged.

 Always ensure that you recharge the battery as required as this increases its efficiency and functionality. Damage to the battery can occur if you fail to use the proper jump-starting process. Thus, it is recommendable that you keenly read and obey the owner’s manual guidelines at all times. Usually, the Noco Boost comes along with a warranty, and hence, in case of any issues with the internal battery, ensure you contact your supplier for a free replacement.

6. Malfunctioning charging indicator LEDsMalfunctioning charging indicator LEDs

It may not be very often, but however the LED charging levels lights may not work as they are supposed to. To test this, one can try plugging in the Genius Boost into the charger overnight. On the following day, try to maybe load your handset or probably jump-start a car. If it functions exactly as intended, then the problem may be the indicator LED lights.


The Noco Genius Booster is a competent jump starter, but it is mostly reliable only when it is completely charged. Once fully charged, you can use it up to six times. It is appropriate for vehicles powered by a six-litre gasoline engine or a three-litre diesel engine. One of the features you’ll appreciate about the equipment is its size: it’s smaller than all the other starters and is exquisitely constructed.

The Noco Boost is a fantastic tool for reviving your car. However, its battery may be dead and hence it might not get charged even after plugging it to its charger. Hopefully, the above guidelines have helped you in identifying and resolving the issue. If you are unable to do so, please consult your manufacturer or the Noco support for further support.

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