Noco gb40 vs. Stanley j5c09: Which Jump Starter to Buy with $100?

A jump starter is essential in case of a failing car battery or a flat battery. Jumpstarters exist in many versions making it harder for one to choose the best that suits the model of your car. Despite the existence of many models, there are two top jump starters which include; Noco GB40 and Stanley J5C09.

Even though the jump starters function the same, they have many similarities and differences. Choosing the best jump starter for your car between the two types is essential. Therefore, the article compares the two jump starters by describing their similarities, differences, price, and the best among the two.

A quick comparison table between Noco GB40 and Stanley J5C09

Features  Noco GB40 Stanley J5C09
Ampere capacity 1000A 1000A
Number of jump starts 20 4
Design and size 7.72×3.15×6.57 weighs 2.4 pounds 1.25x8x13.5 and weighs 17.2 pounds
Charging method USB only 12V Switch
Cost  $100 $100

Key differences between Noco GB40 and Stanley J5C09Noco GB40 Vs Stanley J5C09

  • Battery ampere capacity

The manufacturers of both jump starters have not specified the internal ampere capacity. The two jump starters support up to 1000 amperes output range; however, there is a slight difference between them where Noco GB40 can jump-start car battery 20 times while charging once while a Stanley can perform approximately five jump-starts.

A Noco GB40 jump starter has a larger internal battery capacity when compared to the Stanley J5C09 jump starter.

  • The number of jump-starts in a single charge

The number of jump-starts in a single charge for both Noco GB40 and Stanley J5C09 is recommended differently. For example, a NICO jump starter can jump start a dead battery up to approximately 18 to 20 jump starts before the car battery is recharged. In contrast, you can jump-start the car battery using a Stanley jump starter only four times before you restore the vehicle battery.

Most people using Stanley jump prefer examining the battery’s condition and identifying why the car battery is failing to start or is flat. The jump starter is still charging if they fail to fix the battery since the jump starter can only jump-start the battery for a few times. When purchasing a jump starter for your car, consider the number of jump-starts the jump starter can support if the battery flattens while travelling.

  • Design and performance

The two jump starters have different features, although they function the same. The Noco GB40 allows the user to jump start the car and charge other devices such as smartphones since it contains USB ports. Also, the Noco GB40 jump starter has a power pack only and has a 100 lumen LED light that helps at night mainly.

When compared to Stanley J5C09, the features differ. For instance, the jump starter allows power transmission from the power supply source to the battery. Also, it provides light, just like the Noco GB40. Finally, the jump starter has a unique built-in compressor that jump-starts your tires by pumping them, bringing them to correct functioning.

  • Charging methods

Each jump starter has different charging methods. For Stanley J5C09, they can be charged through the main switch or a charger with 12 voltages. The ability of the jump starter to be charged by 12 voltages is advantageous since you may keep charging the battery while driving.

Compared to Noco GB40, the jump starter is charged via USB only, and it is challenging to keep driving along with the car battery charging. Therefore, choose the best jump starter with the best charging method that suits your preference.

Standard features between Noco GB40 and Stanley J5C09Standard features between Noco GB40 and Stanley J5C09

Jumps starters perform the same function of bringing dead or failing batteries to correct functioning allowing the vehicle to run normally. The jump starts have some common features that are discussed below.

  • USB ports

Both Noco GB40 and Stanley J5C09 have USB ports. The ports provide connectivity to other devices that use USBs, such as tablets and smartphones. If the jump starter lacks US ports, it is advisable to consider choosing one with the ports to allow an individual to establish a connection that can jump-start the battery bringing it to correct functioning.

  • Polarity

The two jump starters have a safety feature of protecting the car battery from any reverse polarity if the battery is connected to the power supply source. Reverse polarity is a situation where the car receptacle is connected backwards instead of in front. Reverse polarity usually occurs when either the black or red wire is connected to different cables.

  • Ampere range

Unlike other jump starters, both Noco GB40 and Stanley J5C09 support high amperes. For instance, they can support up to approximately 1000A maximum output range. Therefore, they can charge a dead battery if possible due to their maximum amperage output.

  • LED lights

LED lights are vital, especially at night. Both Noco GB40 and Stanley J5C09 jump starters have built-in LED lights used for working at night.

  • Battery indicators

The battery level indicator is essential in that it indicates the level of charge remaining and how long it can last before the battery drains power ultimately. The battery level indicator feature is standard for Noco GB40 and Stanley J5C09.

Noco GB40 Vs. Stanley J5C09: Which Jump Starter to Buy with $100 and the best?

The two jump starters are usually priced around $100. The jump starters also come with a warranty of approximately one year. The most preferred among the two is NOCO GB 40 type NOCO boost plus the GB40 1000 jump starter because it has a high internal battery capacity and is cheap.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How can I jump-start my car using portable Stanley J5C09 and Noco GB40?

Before carrying Noco GB40 or Stanley J5C09 jump starters, ensure you fully charge. Also, if you are travelling long trips, ensure you carry battery booster packs to protect the jump starters from extreme temperature fluctuations that are neither too hot nor too cold. To jump-start, follow the steps below.

  1. Wear protective clothing and cover your eyes using a face mask to protect them from any dangers.
  2. Collect all materials necessary such as the manufacturer’s manual book, car battery, jumper cables and jumper kits. Before jump-starting the car battery, read the manufacturer’s manual and understand all the instructions present.
  3. Switch off the car and remove the keys from the ignition. Ensure you remove any jewellery that can transmit power resulting in electric shock. Also, ensure you pack the car in a well-ventilated room away from any flammable liquids or gases such as propane
  4. Check the car battery and find both terminals where N or “-“is for the negative terminal and P or “+” is for the positive terminal.
  5. Check the terminals of the jump starter, and the negative terminal is black, with the positive being red. Ensure the jump starter is off before inspecting it.
  6. Connect the positive terminals of the car battery to the positive terminals of the jump starter and vice versa.
  7. Once the terminals match each other without crossing, switch on the jump starter and leave it for a couple of minutes, approximately 2 minutes before turning on the car.
  8. Switch on the car and if it fails to respond, leave it for a couple of minutes, approximately 2 to 4 minutes.
  9. If the car battery fails to respond, replace it with a new one after trying almost six times.
  10. Once the engine starts, turn off the jump starter and disconnect the terminals gently. Store the jump starter in a cool, dry place away from extreme weather changes.
  11. After arriving at the destination, contact a professional mechanic to check the condition of the vehicle.


Both jump starters usually cost the same, which is approximately $100, and they perform the same functions. Despite their same functioning, they have similarities and differences, as shown above.

Therefore, when buying a jump starter for your car battery, ensure you consider the above factors such as the charging method, the design, etc. finally, when travelling, ensure you carry an emergency jump starter that is fully charged.

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