Noco GB20 vs. Noco GB40 vs. Noco GB50: Honest Review & Comparison

Noco is a company that majors in manufacturing chargers for batteries and jump starters batteries that have different kinds and versions. The GB term is the size of the Noco that the company manufactures. The first GB in the Noco Company is the Gb20 which is the smaller one, unlike the GB40 and BG50, which are the new versions.

The article compares the three Noco, the Noco GB20, Noco GB40, and Noco GB50. The Noco first design is the Noco GB20 that GB40 follows, then the GB50 at last. The Noco GB20 is the smallest in this case, while the Noco GB50 is the largest. Below are the similarities, differences, and the best among the Noco products.

A quick comparison table between Noco GB20, GB40, and GB50


Noco GB20

Noco GB40

Noco GB50

Led lumen light 100 100 200
Number of jump starts 20 20 30
Architecture Same weight and size 7.7×1.7×3.2 Same weight and size 7.72×3.15×6.57 Heavier and size 1.9×3.4×7.7
Charging time 3h 3h 4h
Internal battery size 24-watts 24-watts 35-watts
Cost   cheapest Medium cost expensive

 Differences of NOCO GB20, GB40, AND GB50Noco gb20 vs noco gb40 vs noco gb50

Even though the Noco Gb20, GB40, and GB50 have some similar features, they can differ in one way or another according to their sizes, buying price, and capability to carry out tasks. Below are the differences between the three.

  • Characteristics and their importance

The three versions differ depending on their characteristics and their importance to the car. Physically the Noco products have LED lights for notification, but when the GB20 and GB40 have lumens of about 100, the GB50 provides more that is doubled to 200 lumens of brightness. GB50 can perform faster when jump starting as it can work with batteries having little charge. The GB50 can try to jumpstart a vehicle higher than GB20 and GB40 so that they can try 20 times, as the GB50 can try up to 30 times.

  • Architecture

Then Noco products have the same design apart from their sizes. Large sizes of Noco GB occupy a lot of space in a vehicle and provide enough power to run the car. In this article, the GB20 and GB40 have the same size and weight. However, when it comes to the GB50, the weight is a bit higher, and, significantly, it provides more power than the other ones.

  • Currents with the Notes

The Nocos support currents help decide the type of vehicle that can use it despite supporting batteries with 12V. Currents differ according to the battery size, which determines the size of the engine in a vehicle.

The Noco GB20 is the smallest in the Noco products, which has currents of 500A. Although the output is calling and can support the jumpstarting process in gasoline engines of about 4 liters, it is not suitable for diesel motors.

The Noco GB40 is the medium size of the Noco products that have currents of 1000A. It can jumpstart engines that accommodate about 6 liters of gas and 3 liters of diesel.

The Noco GB50 is the biggest, in this case, can offer large amounts of current of about 1500A. Therefore, the currents in this Noco help support higher amounts of gas, about 7 liters and 4.5 liters of diesel.

  • Size of the internal battery

The battery size for both GB20 and GB40 are the same, and they have ratings of 24 watt-hours while the GB50 has ratings of 36watt-hour.

  • Buying Price

Prices of the Noco products are different due to the differences in size and other factors. The smaller Noco, the GB20, is the cheapest, while the largest Noco, the GB50, is expensive. The advantage is that in both cases, there is a warranty for the devices.

Similarities of Noco GB20, GB40, and GB50Similarities of Noco GB20, GB40, and GB50

Since the versions are from the same company, they must have similarities with some of their features that make them relate. The similarities are as follows.

  • Design and architecture of the NOCO

The Noco GB20, GB40, and GB50 jump starters have a similar interface as they have a rough nature on their surfaces which are of a purpose. The colors on their surfaces are the same as they have a black and grey color that one can quickly identify that particular product is from Noco. The cover panels are the same despite the difference in the layout.

  • Characteristics of the Noco products

The Noco GB20, GB40, and GB50 have the same characteristics since both have a USB in, USB Out, and a 12V Out port that facilitate communication with other external devices. The Notes have LED lights in them that are a source of notification to the owner. The cover surfaces have a battery section that indicates the amount of battery charge in a particular Noco and a button to set the level to the owner’s preference. The Noco products are multipurpose products that can perform other functions like charging mobile phones and other light electronics.

  • Precautions for safety purposes

The Noco products are made such that they help the owner observe safety measures that reduce the chances of damage. The safety characteristics are the same. They both have the reverse polarity checker that checks the polarity of the battery and reverses it and the spark-proof connection technology that facilitates the connection of the terminals to the jumper cables. The safety precautions help prevent external damages to the user and the car.

  • Kind of the battery

Each Noco GB has a strong lithium battery that mainly provides high amounts of current of 12V that sustains the battery life. The battery is a clear indication that the battery can jumpstart vehicles whose batteries are 12V.


  • It is cheap.
  • Works best with vehicles that have small motors.
  • Can try 20 times when jumpstarting a car.

  • Not suitable with diesel motors.
  • Heavier and need to carry in a bag.

Therefore, the NOCO GB20 is suitable for small cars.


  • Operates big motors.
  • Has a better quality.
  • Can try more than 20 times when jump starting.

  • The LED flashlight has minimum brightness.
  • It is heavy.

The NOCO GB40 supports gas engines and diesel engines, making it suitable for many individuals as it is less expensive than the NOCO GB50.


  • Works with all engines.
  • High amounts of current.
  • Tries up to 30 times when jump starting.
  • High levels of brightness.

  • Cons.

  • .

  • Expensive.
  • Heavier

NOCO GB50 is suitable for massive engines, usually heavy trucks that can use gas and diesel.

Recommended battery among the Noco products

Among the Noco GB20 products, Noco GB20 500 Amp jump starter is the best, especially for small batteries, because it is cheap and has features such as LED lights, USB ports and jumpstarts, a flat battery up to 20 times.


When deciding on the best Noco GB to use, consider checking all the features of the three products. If you have less cash and your car has a small engine, then the GB20 is the most suitable for the car. GB40 is in the middle that most individuals prefer to use since it supports gas and diesel and has a reasonable size for cars. In the case of a large engine, you can opt to use the GB50 as it works to its perfection. It is best for use as it is faster.

However, choose to use a product that best satisfies you and is pocket-friendly. Purchase the Noco product that can be easy to use, fix and maintain in any problems. Follow the article above to determine the features with the similarities and differences of the GB20, GB40, and GB50. Read the manufacturer’s instructions on the Noco product before using it since some use diesel as some do not use it.

I always have to jump start my cars as they don’t get driven all the time. I was after something reliable that was able to not only hold their charge over a period of time but could also start a car every time. I came across Noco and their Genius Boost products and I can highly recommend their products to you.

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