What Kind of Battery Goes in a Nissan Altima?

Nissan Altima batteries are essential in powering the Nissan Altima engine, and they come in different forms depending on the year in which they were manufactured and invented. Therefore, when choosing the best battery for your Nissan Altima, it is essential to consider all factors necessary.

Sometimes the car battery may die and fail to function as usual. In such situations, the battery will require immediate replacement to bring the vehicle to correct functioning. The article below shows the best replacement battery for your Nissan Altima.

What kind of battery goes in a Nissan Altima?nissan altima battery

The best battery for the Nissan Altima relies on many factors, such as size. There are different types of batteries best for your Nissan Altima vehicle, and they include DieHard Gold Automotive 24F, 35, and 26R batteries. Therefore, when buying a replacement Nissan Altima battery, consider checking the manufacturer’s manual to see the best battery that suits your vehicle well.

Before purchasing a replacement battery for the Nissan Altima, consider the following factors shown below.

Different factors to consider before buying a replacement battery for a Nissan AltimaDifferent factors to consider before buying a replacement battery for a Nissan Altima

To get the best battery for the Nissan Altima vehicle, it is advisable to consider several factors. The factors depend on the model of the vehicle and the manufacturer’s manual guide, and they include;

  • Warranty of the battery

When buying a battery for your Nissan Altima vehicle, first inquire if there is a warranty. Warranty is essential in reducing the cost of purchasing a new battery immediately after the previous new battery fails. The Nissan Altima warranty must be long enough, approximately three years, to give the buyer some time to detect any issues related to the battery.

If the battery fails before the end of three years, the warrant will allow you to replace the faulty battery with a new one to avoid buying the battery twice or more than twice. If the shop lacks a warranty, consider looking for the best shop with a warranty.

  • Cost of the battery

The cost of the batteries varies from one model to another depending on the year they were manufactured. The higher the quality of the battery, the more the price. Therefore, it is advisable to spend more but get a high-quality battery that will last longer than spend less but keep replacing the car battery each time. Some batteries are cheap, while others are expensive, and the price usually ranges from $8 to $2555 depending on the seller or the shipping cost.

  • The size

Each Nissan Altima vehicle requires a different battery that suits it perfectly. Some batteries are more significant than others, while others are smaller. It is essential to consider the size of the battery because of the following. First, if the Nissan Altima battery tray is so large, choose a battery that suits the tray to avoid future battery problems such as the battery failing to charge because it is loose.

There are different ways of checking the size of the Nissan Altima battery of your vehicle. First, review the manufacturer’s manual book and see some pictures concerning the battery. If you don’t have the manufacturer’s manual book, find the location of the vehicle battery and examine it carefully to know the type and size before purchasing a new one that suits the Nissan Altima. Also, you can use search engines such as websites to obtain information on the car model and the size of the battery.

Many drivers consider using the following Nissan Altima batteries; DieHard Automotive 26R, 24F, and 35. The battery sizes above depend on the year in which they were manufactured. Finally, consider choosing one of the vehicle batteries that suit the vehicle model correctly.

  • The type of the battery

Each manufacturer manufactures batteries in different forms, and the standard batteries include; lead-acid batteries and AGM batteries. But if you own an electric car, it is advisable to use a lithium-ion battery but not in a non-electric Nissan Altima.

Signs and symptoms of a failing Nissan Altima batterySigns and symptoms of a failing Nissan Altima battery

Once your vehicle battery fails to function as usual for several reasons, the following signs indicate a failing Nissan Altima battery.

  1. The Nissan Altima headlights fail to light as usual, but instead, they light dim because of a malfunctioning fuse or loose connection between the wires.
  2. The vehicle battery charges less time and drains faster, especially when charged using a high amperage charger.
  3. The car battery records low voltage, less than 12.6V.
  4. The car engine fails to start during ignition, or the engine ignites weakly, indicating there is no power transmission from the power source to the engine.

Considerations for a new replacement Nissan Altima batteryConsiderations for a new replacement Nissan Altima battery

The following conditions must be considered before buying a new battery that suits your Nissan Altima model.

  1. The battery must be able to withstand different temperature fluctuations with the same ratings.
  2. The voltage of the Nissan Altima battery. The voltage must be 12.0V and not more or less. But if the Nissan Altima uses a different voltage, consider using the voltage that suits the car to avoid blowing off or causing accidents.
  3. The battery must fit the battery tray to function uniquely, unlike other batteries that do not fit the vehicle.
  4. The battery connection with the vehicle. Ensure you buy a battery that suits the model and is compatible.
  5. The battery must fit the battery tray correctly without forcing or without becoming loose.
  6. The battery must be affordable and of high quality to last longer.

The most expensive battery has a longer warranty than the cheap one. Therefore, it is essential to buy a battery at a high price, high quality, more extended warranty if the battery gets damaged or faults are identified and last longer with few problems concerning the charging system.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What is the approximate period I replace my Nissan Altima battery?

Nissan Altima battery can last longer as long as it is serviced and maintained frequently. The best period for replacing the battery is after 5 to 6 years or immediately once the battery starts failing to hold a charge for long.

  • Why is my Nissan Altima battery-draining charge faster?

The following reasons show why your battery keeps draining the battery faster. First, if all vehicle accessories such as radios and headlights are left running even when not in use, drains charge faster. Secondly, if a fault charger discharges instead of charging is used, the battery will continue draining a lot of power. Finally, weather fluctuations can affect the correct functioning of the battery, especially during extremely high temperatures can damage the battery, thus making it fail to hold a charge for a longer time.


The three best battery types can fit your Nissan Altima ideally, and they include; DieHard Gold Automotive 24F, 35, and 26R batteries. If you wish to replace the batteries on your own, consider following the recommended steps to get accurate results without mechanical costs. Also, consider the factors above before buying a replacement battery for your Nissan Altima.

In conclusion, it is advisable to keep inspecting the battery to ensure it is in good condition and know when to replace it. Also, maintain the battery and keep it in a cool, dry place when it is not in use because if left connected in the vehicle, it may drain a lot of charges or go into hibernation mode. Finally, ensure you clean the battery terminals frequently to remove any dirt accumulated on the surface.

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