Husqvarna 3120xp vs. Stihl Ms880- Which Is Better?

Aggressive logging, stump removal, and portable sawmills are the principal applications for both chainsaws. These saws are not meant for use in any other capacity. To cut using a 121.6cc saw, you’ll need considerable abilities and knowledge. Their size, weight, and power are impressive, and they are designed to cut through wood up to five feet in length.

Although the Stihl MS 880 gets first place in this comparison, the performance benefits of these two chainsaws are incredibly similar. Follow along as we compare and contrast these two imposing machines side by side.

This article includes the comparison table between these two chainsaws. You will also find some of the main differences between the two and also some of the similarities. In addition to that, there are the most frequently asked questions well answered. These will help you get a better understanding of the two.

Quick comparison table between Husqvarna 3120xp and Stihl ms880

Comparison feature

Husqvarna 3120xp

Stihl ms880

Displacement 118.8CC 121.6CC
Horsepower 8.31 8.6
Maximum bar size 42 inches 56 inches
The powerhead weight 22.9 Ibs 22.3 Ibs
The capacity of the fuel tank 42.24 OZ 44OZ
The lubricant capacity 23.68 OZ 23.7  OZ
The type of fuel Gasoline Gasoline

Features of Husqvarna 3120xpFeatures of Husqvarna 3120xp

  1. Its oil pump is adjustable- Controlling oil flow is made possible by adapting it to the application and weather circumstances.
  2. It has a quick-release air filter- Ensures that the air filter may be cleaned and replaced easily.
  3. The Husqvarna has a magnesium crankcase- The crankcase is constructed to endure high RPMs and harsh professional use, resulting in long service life.
  4. The crankshaft of this chainsaw is a three-piece- Crankshaft made of three pieces of forged steel for ultimate durability in the most demanding applications.
  5. The Husqvarna has low vibrations- this means that it has an anti-vibration system.
  6. This type of chainsaw usually has a smart start. It has no complicated starting.
  7. It also contains felling marks.
  8. The Husqvarna has an activated inertia chain brake.

Features of Stihl ms880Features of Stihl ms880

  1. The stihl Elasto start An integrated shock absorber in the starting grip significantly minimizes the effort required while pulling on the starting cord.
  2. The intellicarb compensating carburetor– When the air filter gets restricted or partially clogged, the engine’s RPM is maintained by automatically adjusting the air/fuel ratio. The flap and flow of fuel are controlled by air coming from the cleaned side of the air filter. Once the air filter becomes clogged, the computer regulates the fuel flow to compensate for the reduced airflow.
  3. It has the chain tensioner from the side access- Using a bar wrench, it makes minor adjustments to the chain.
  4. The Stihl ms880 has a decompression valve– It relieves compression in the engine’s cylinder, making it much easier to get the engine started. Immediately the engine is started, the door closes automatically.

Differences between Husqvarna 3120xp and Stihl ms880husqvarna 3120xp vs stihl ms 880

1. Chain tensioning

When utilized with a portable sawmill, the location of the Husqvarna 3120XP chain tensioning nut is inconvenient. It is located towards the saw’s front edge, adjacent to the bar. To access it with a chainsaw mounted on a sawmill, the mill will need to be modified. Another aspect that distinguishes the Husqvarna 3120XP from Stihl MS880 MAGNUM is its compact size.

When a chain extends during usage, you can compensate by moving the bar away from the sprocket, and therefore you tighten the chain on the bar. The tensioning mechanisms of the earliest chainsaws were all integrated into the saw’s front. They utilized a screw facing forward adjacent to the bar. This method is still used on some Husqvarna saws. However, they became muddled with bar oil and saw crumbs, necessitating some digging to locate them. Additionally, gnashing your fingers against the chain while adjusting the chain is a common occurrence.

Stihl refines the design by incorporating the tensioning mechanism into the side cover. Husqvarna employs this approach on a limited number of saws. Adjustment is accomplished from the machine’s bar side, making it easily accessible on a mill. This is among the principal applications for these large chainsaws, so the Husqvarna 3120XP’s screw position is regrettable.

2. The power to the weight ratio

The difference is negligible, implying that the items are well suited. Both are robust and will not sputter under the most trying conditions. When managing these chainsaws, the essential factor to note is the weight differential.

3. Dry weight

Both are substantial when contrasting the weight of chainsaws without a bar or chain to the weight of chainsaws with empty fuel tanks. Stihl’s MS880 weighs in at 21.8 pounds, while the Husqvarna 3120XP comes in at 22.9 pounds. Surprisingly, considering the Husqvarna’s engine is smaller than the Stihl’s, both manufacturers try to minimize weight. It may not sound like much, but this difference in weight is significant on the field.

4. The anti-vibration damping

Stihl is one of the last chainsaw manufacturers to employ rubber vibration isolators; most firms use steel springs. The isolators dampen vibrations transmitted from the saw’s handlebars, thereby reducing user fatigue. The Husqvarna 31220XP isolates vibrations by the use of springs. While steel springs may provide a floppy feel to a large saw, they are superior.

Steel isolators are more durable and work better. Rubber mounts tend to harden, rip, or gradually deteriorate.

Similarities between Husqvarna 3120xp and Stihl ms880

  1. They are both use the same fuel types that are gasoline

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the size of the Husqvarna 3120xp guide bar?

Answer; the two-stroke engine produces 8.6 BHP and has a capacity of 121.6cc. It accepts guide bars ranging in length from 17″ to 59″ – nearly five feet of cutting force for the most demanding projects. The ElastoStart starter handle includes an integrated shock absorber that absorbs shocks caused by pushing the starter wire.


In conclusion, Stihl, as well as Husqvarna chainsaws each, include an inertia chain brake. When the bar tip is furthest away from you, a powerful kickback activates the brake. Inertia in the reverse side engages the chain brakes, even if the front handgrip is not touched.

Always bear in mind that safety mechanisms do not guarantee that a kickback would not occur; you must remain watchful and verify that a kickback would not happen. You should always maintain the chainsaw’s air filter even though the engine can run smoothly in dirty and challenging conditions.

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