How to rip narrow boards with a circular saw (Update Guidelines)

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How to rip narrow boards with a circular saw??๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜žIf you want to do some narrow wood ripping, but you have not ripped a saw, indeed, this content is one of the best solutions for you. Here, I discuss how to rip narrow boards with a circular saw idea to grow properly. It would help if you did not worry or confused when you think to pull the wood with a circular saw.

In this article, I will share some actionable steps with a circular saw, which helps you rip the narrow wood perfectly according to your requirement. It does matter when you have not any professional knowledge. So, without thinking more, check out the below steps to narrow rip boards with a circular saw.

Tools You Need To Rip Cut

You needย  some regular woodworking tools. Those are-

  1. A pencil for marking the ripping line
  2. 2 clamps for attaching with a large piece of board
  3. Measurement tape
  4. A larger piece of board. The board should be wider and a little bit of longer than the narrow board you wanted to be cut.
  5. A stand to place the narrow board along with the larger board
  6. A square for drawing the line.

How To Rip Narrow Boards With A Circular Saw Idea [Step By Step]

Don’t think the process with a complicated matter. It is straightforward and comfortable to rip your narrow boards with a circular saw. Though the process is very simple and easy, it is still actionable. So, without delay, let check the process from below how to cut wedges on a table saw.

Step 1: Choose Your Right Platform

A long or tall wood/slab is the better choice to use the right platform. It would help if you collected several tables based on height as I first tell you that longer wood/slab work better. So, you need to collect the longer wood/slab for your right platform. At the same time, the slab should be thicker than the board. When the circular saw goes into the slab, the size of wood needs higher than the workpiece.

Step 2: Ligament The Circular Saw Sole To The Wood/Slab.

Ligament the circular saw sole comfortably for the platform at two pieces. You need to check out that it holds tightly; otherwise, you need to use some extra wood to hold it tightly. If you don’t check out this section, you may don’t get the right shape. When the step has been appropriately done, you need to jump to the 3rd step.

Step 3: Adjust The Circular Saw With The Width.

You may see that the location in front of the circular saw. Generally, the front in the side you need to push in perfectly, not forcefully. You must need to use the circular saw slowly and carefully to piece of wood perfectly with the right width. Now, measure the thickness of the cut your require. I hope that you will get your own measurement thickness without any hassles.

Step 4: Now, Carefully Adjust The Blade Parallel To The Right Platform

The circular saw blade needs to be the perfectly parallel face of the platform for working correctly. It is noteworthy to place the edge entirely to avoid an accident. When you can not place the blade correctly, it directly affects the circular saw motor and destroys your workpiece, which caused the blade to shatter.

To test work perfectly, take a small piece of wood and try to push it slowly into the blade of your circular saw. If you find it works perfectly, that means you already do it perfectly. Now you will get two references for the blade with two directions. When the two cuts didn’t meet the same point, you will do the upper process again. If they are met perfectly, that means the blades are Parallel.

Step 5: Adjust The Perfect Height With Blade

When the workpiece is cut on the table or slab perfectly, that means you will need to use the perfect height with the blades. Drone your blade, which you collect on the saw, and all of your way down the table surface. To adjust the table height perfectly, you will also cut the paper under the blade. Note, you must check out that the paper passes perfectly under the table.

Step 6: Again Adjust the Parallel

When you do your work with straight cuts circular, I saw it helpful for you that rechecks the parallel section. Make sure the blade stays perpendicular to the table. When you thoroughly check this section, that means you will save your saw blade and motor. There are couples of safety measures you will do when you finish this checklist.

Step 7: Start Ripping To Your Project.

Before you start your project to work, you will need to maintain some safety features such as:

  • Wear ear protectors and a dust mask to save yourself.
  • Use safety glass to protect your face.
  • Now, press the ticker of the saw and lock it perfectly.
  • Always works slowly before you start the final stage.
  • Note, you need to use ยผ inch board for easy work.




FAQs (Frequently Ask and Questions)

Q: How to rip a narrow board with a circular saw?

A: When you have not ripped lumber the saw blade, that means you will do your work with the circular saw. However, if you want to rip the narrow board with a circular saw, you will check out the upper 7-steps to do it perfectly.

Q: Can you rip a board with a circular saw?

A: Of course, you will do this without any complicated issues. But before you rip the board, you need to prepare your circular saw. You will check out the upper section to do it perfectly.

Q: How do you rip a 2 x 4 with a circular saw?

A: If you want to rip 2 x 4 with a circular saw, you will need to choose the perfect size blade and perfect height wood. So, when you collect a slab or blade, you need to consider 24 x 24 size.

Q: how to rip wood without a table saw?

A: When you have not a table, you need to select two kinds of wood and make it likes a table saw. You will use two kinds of wood and empty the middle space to make your table saw. I hope that you will find your question, answer.


I hope this ripping guide for the circular saw step by step guides help you a lot to rip the narrow board perfectly. The methods are actionable and easy to use. I use this same method for my project, and it is truly awesome. If you still think that the steps are not suitable for you, you will surely let me know in the below comment box. I hope that you will find your question “how to rip narrow boards with a circular saw Idea” answer.

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