Delta rp25513 vs Rp24096- Quick Comparison

The major difference between Delta RP25513 stem unit and the Delta RP24096 stem component is that the RP25513 incorporates 1/4 turn stops for applicable models, whereas the RP24096 is merely the stem unit. The RP25513-3 stem unit component is available only at Home Depot.

Delta kitchen and bathroom faucets are compatible with the stem unit assembly. They are always available for purchase, and Delta is dedicated to providing you with the most excellent possible water experience.

The article below includes the differences between both deltas and some of their significant similarities. In addition, you will also find some answers to the most frequently asked questions. The answers to these questions will help you get a better understanding of this topic. Go through the article keenly for a better understanding.

Quick comparison table between Delta rp25513 and rp24096

Comparison feature

Delta rp25513

Delta rp24096

Weight 1.28 ounces 1.28 ounces
Brand Delta faucet Delta faucet
Shipping dimensions 2.13*1.25*4.88 inches 5.5*3.25*1 inches
Voltage 1 volt 1 volt
Size One size One size
Material Brass Brass and plastic
Water consumption 1 gallon 1 gallon

Delta rp25513 vs RpDelta rp25513 vs Rp2409624096- Quick Comparison

1. Characteristics of Delta rp25513

  1. Discounts on the delta rp25513 model are only available when orders are placed in bulk quantities of three or more.
  2. When it comes to delta faucets with two handles, the rp25513 is always built to work with them.
  3. Many problems exist with Delta rp25513. Rust and tarnishing are not problems with brass construction, although it has a slew of faults.
  4. Delta faucet offers a limited lifetime guarantee on the delta rp25513 faucet when you purchase it.
  5. The return policy for delta faucets should constantly be reviewed if you are considering purchasing a delta rp25513.
  6. The Delta kitchen and bathroom faucets are compatible with the Delta rp25513 handle and cartridge.

Product features of Delta rp25513:Product features of Delta rp25513

  1. Manufactured by Delta, this replacement part is for Delta faucets
  2. Abrasion-resistant materials are used to construct the stem unit assembly.
  3. To be used, it is always used as a replacement for two-handle faucets.
  4. The brass stem and stainless steel plate provide additional structural support.
  5. It helps to ensure that a faucet operates smoothly.
  6. The hue of the part will either be black or beige in appearance.

2. Characteristics of Delta rp24096Characteristics of Delta rp24096

  1.     Kitchen and bathroom faucets from Delta are included in the Delta rp24096 package.
  2.     The Delta rp24096 is constructed of brass for long-term durability.
  3.     You will receive a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer of the delta rp24096 faucet when you purchase it.
  4.     Always check the return policy for a delta faucet before purchasing one.

The product features of Delta rp24096:The product features of Delta rp24096

  1.     The delta rp24096 is often sold as a single unit. There is nothing else to go with it. It is purchased on an individual basis.
  2.     The delta rp24096 is equipped with genuine Delta repairing components.
  3.     It has an original equipment manufacturer part number delta rp24096.
  4.     When it comes to the delta rp24096, it is always an authorized aftermarket item, and it is made out of authorized components.
  5.     This delta rp24096 is compatible with the majority of delta faucet models and brands.

Differences between Delta rp25513 and rp24096

  1.     The delta rp25513 has a quarter turn stop while the delta rp24096 lacks

Similarities between Delta rp25513 and rp24096

  1. They are both brands from delta faucet
  2. 2. They are both made of brass

How to fix a leaking delta faucetHow to fix a leaking delta faucet

Step 1; always start by turning off the supply of the water

The very last thing you want to happen is for the issue to recur and your faucet to begin spouting water once more. Water should be turned off at all supply points, starting with the handles and working your way up to the primary water source. Turn everything off.

Step 2; remove any decoration on the handle hardware

To remove any decorative components of the faucet handle hardware, use a flathead screwdriver to (gently) pull them off. Located behind the ornate knob are screws that secure the faucet handle to the stem of the sink faucet. Remove the handle by unscrewing it with your flathead screwdriver and carefully removing it. If necessary, you can apply penetration oil to free the handle so that it can be lifted easily off of the stem with little effort.

Step 3; ensure you remove or take off the packing nut

Remove the stem by loosening the packing nut with your tool and then removing it. The stem may come out of the valve, but it is more likely that you will have to twist it out of the valve physically. As soon as you’ve removed all of the parts, examine them to determine whether any of them have been damaged in the process.

Step 4; replace your O-ring and also your washer

Assuming there is no damage to the stem and handle, the next step is to check the O-ring and washer for wear. On the inside of the valve, you will discover both.

The most typical reason for leaking faucets is a failure of the O-rings or the washers. Consider replacing both of them with new components because they are most likely the source of your problem. Because the current O-ring and washers must be a perfect match for your valve, we recommend that you bring the old ones with you to the hardware store so that you can ensure that you purchase the correct substitutes.

Step 5; resemble everything

Get Humpty Dumpty back together. All the pieces you just dismantled must be reassembled in reverse order. Start with the O-ring and work your way backward. Turn the knob to see if you were able to fix your leaky faucet when you’ve finished.

Unsuccessful repairs of a leaking faucet are almost always the result of faulty parts, broken plumbing, rust in the valve seat, or worn-out seals. In that scenario, it’s time to call in a licensed professional plumber for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is the delta stem unit used in bathrooms?

Answer; Delta kitchen and bathroom faucets are compatible with the Stem Unit Assembly. You can order them now, and Delta is dedicated to providing you with the best possible water experience.


In conclusion, the delta rp25513 and the delta rp24096 are different in terms of make and use. The main difference between the two is that the delta rp25513 includes the quarter turn stop while the other Delta lacks the quarter turn stop. Otherwise, there is no other significant difference between the two.

When fixing the deltas, do not go about it if you are unsure what to do precisely. It is always advisable to seek professional help.

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