CCA Ratings: 5 Things to Consider When Buying a Car Battery

To buy a car battery, consider having some features that will guide when buying the car battery. Considering these factors before buying the car battery help give the qualities of the best kind of battery that will work for long in the car and provide an easy time for the car user when using the car. These considerations prevent one from choosing the wrong battery for the car that will work shortly and get damages that the user will have to replace the battery, which is a waste.

Therefore, the factors in the article below help find out the best battery for the car. Most manufacturers recommend car users buy batteries that are compatible with the car to avoid buying batteries that cannot fit the car or can cause damage to the car. When choosing the type of battery the car uses, read the manufacturer’s manual of the car since it contains the type and size of batteries the car can use.

Five things to consider when buying a car battery

1. Practices to maintain the batterycar battery cca

There are different ways of maintaining batteries as some need proper technical maintenance practices, as some need regular check-ups to identify faults for replacements that are free mode batteries. For example, batteries that require adequate maintenance have cups that are always open so that the owner can add distilled water into them after some time of working. On the other side, those requiring less maintenance surface have covers that protect their surfaces properly from any leaks with the electrolyte inside the battery since the electrolyte is dangerous, making them the accessible mode as it does not need anything more than the seals.

Practices that the battery needs differ according to the type of the battery, which includes the following;

  • Replacing the battery after some time of use according to replacing it to avoid some damages. Replacing the car battery helps maintain the effectiveness of the car so that it can work for a long time without losing power quickly.
  • Inspect the water levels in the battery or the state of the liquid electrolyte in the battery since some can form crystals and accumulate at the lower surface of the battery, making the battery provide less power to the engine or fail to charge.
  • Keep washing the dirty areas around the battery more so the upper surface that dust particles stick onto and enter the battery cells causing corrosion of the battery surface since the dust contains moisture that reacts with the metal parts of the battery.
  • Use a funnel to add water to the battery to avoid some drops from flowing on top of the battery since it can cause rust. The funnel is essential as it directs water gently into the battery.

2. Design of the battery for the carDesign of the battery for the car

The design of the battery refers to the size and shape of the battery that the car needs. When choosing a car battery to buy, consider checking the size the car requires to run the motor as batteries are large and small depending on the type of vehicle. Also, it is advisable to read the manufacturer’s manual of the car since it contains what the car uses.

If you know the exact size of your car’s battery, you can decide to visit any of the shops to purchase. The right size of battery for the car helps increase the performance of the car. Buy the battery and fix it tightly to the car to speed the rate of energy provided to the car and to reduce the chances of minor damages to the car when using the battery. Remember, when you choose large batteries, they will provide high amounts of power to the car, while small batteries provide less energy that can fail to start the engine.

3. The total life of a batteryThe total life of a battery

The battery’s total life is the period the battery takes when working with the car to its perfection and the time the battery can take as it still holds charge and power the engine for the car from the day of purchase. A battery with its good qualities can last for at least three years when working with the car.

Consider checking the period the battery will last when in use before buying it. Battery life reduces the cost of replacing the battery after a short period, a source of waste to the owner, and the maintenance cost for the battery is below.

4. Position of the battery terminalsPosition of the battery terminals

The position of the battery terminal must be in the same position as the car battery terminals when connecting them. Unfortunately, the terminal’s position affects the polarity since you can buy a battery that the North Pole and the north in the car are not in the same direction. As a result, you can mistakenly connect without knowing, which can lead to short-circuiting and may damage the battery or the engine in the car.

Choosing a car battery with terminals that are the same as the car’s battery is essential. Therefore check the terminals where the direction of the North Pole and the South Pole match with the car battery, respectively. Next, consider choosing the type of terminals that fit your car.

5. Period of warranty for the batteryPeriod of warranty for the battery

Period of warranty is when the car battery has any free replacements from the manufacturer from the day of purchase. Warranty in car batteries is a crucial consideration since the batteries are artificial and can have faults while it is still new, so in case of such issues and it has the warranty, you can take it back and get a replacement.

When choosing a car battery, consider buying one that has a more extended warranty period to get replacements or repair the faults it has so long the faults are not from the damages from the owner. To determine the warranty period, calculate the time the battery is from the dealer and the current date and decide if the time is right.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What are the different types of car batteries that people use for providing power to the car?

There are different types of car batteries that people prefer to use with their cars. The most common types of car batteries include the calcium batteries that are the lead-acid batteries that have calcium components in the positive and negative terminals of the battery, deep cycle batteries that have the cells are receiving a charge in the deep state, wet cell batteries that have both the lead, sulphuric acid and water in the battery, ATG batteries that are the Absorbed Glass Mat which is the best batteries for use and lastly the EFB batteries which is the Enhanced Flooded Battery that are in modern cars and works more effectively than the other ones.


The five main things to consider are in the article above such as when you want to buy a car battery, you follow the considerations above. However, do not stick to the points above as there are different things you can follow. The various factors can be from friends who can advise you on what to buy with what preferences.

The articles help you know the things to consider when buying a car battery for the car. Remember to read the manufacturer’s manual since it contains some features the car needs that help avoid buying buggies or small batteries for the car. The manual gives the user an easy time when choosing the factors.

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