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96r batteries aid in storing charge that keeps the vehicle running. But, if the battery fails to function due to several reasons such as; lack of power, or a faulty battery, a battery alternator is essential. The best battery alternator that one can use in a 96r battery is the optima red 35 battery.

Most people prefer using the optima red 35 batteries to other batteries due to its many benefits. The benefits include; withstanding extreme environmental changes, lasts longer when compared to regular batteries, and has high performance.

Luckily, the article below shows the best alternative for a 96r battery together with its features, pros, and cons. Also, it shows the factors to consider when buying an optima red battery with the correct installation process. The best alternative for the 96r battery is the optima red battery.

96r battery alternative96r battery alternative

The best alternative you can use in place of a 96r battery is the optima red 35 batteries. The battery belongs to a group of 35 with its many benefits. It is durable and can resist any form of damage in case of weather fluctuations or temperature changes.

Features and benefits:

  • Strong case to withstand harsh environmental conditions: The casing is entirely sealed using precision plastic welding techniques, resulting in a one-piece, air-tight product. As a result, there are no leaks, no pollutants in the engine compartment, and no maintenance is required.
  • Use of advanced technology; spiral cell technology: AGM plates are used to keep the acid in place in each of Optima’s six cells. These are coiled into spiral cells that are adequately compacted and put into the casing. This Spiral cell design has a larger surface area than a traditional battery and an inherent structural benefit that enables the cell to maintain its form under a variety of difficult situations.
  • Have pure lead: Pure lead increases their performance, thus increasing the battery’s starting power due to faster transmission of energy from the battery to start the vehicle.
  • Size: Although some of the batteries are less than half an inch longer than they should be, they may readily fit into battery compartments designed for autos and similar purposes.
  • Dual functioning feature: Some of the manufacturers label the batteries as dual-purpose batteries. Still, they are starting batteries with increased cycling tolerance, which is critical for modern vehicles where the main battery must provide large currents to begin the main engine and power various electric and electronic systems while the engine is running.
  • They are durable and can last longer than regular batteries, approximately twice the duration of regular batteries
  • Transfer starting power at a high rate, and the vehicle starts within a short period
  • Protective lead that prevents vehicle damages
  • Resistant features to resist all harsh weather fluctuations
  • Strong to last longer

  • Expensive due to its long lifespan
  • Unavailable due to an increase in demand

Factors to consider when buying optima red 35 batteriesFactors to consider when buying optima red 35 batteries

  • The battery freshness

A battery’s freshness affects how long it lasts and how effectively it functions. Before you buy a battery, check to see if it’s still new. Search for the year and month the optima red 35 batteries were made to assess its freshness.

The month is usually represented on the battery by a number and a letter. A battery that is less than six months old is the best option. It’s best if it’s new. If you possess an electric vehicle, you should be aware that replacing the battery would necessitate the services of a specialist.

  • Warranty

A warranty is another consideration when selecting a new optima red 35 battery. Choose an optima red 35 batteries with a more extended warranty that allows for free battery replacement. The warranty period will enable you to receive a portion of the total cost for a specific period.

  • The durability of 96r battery alternative

The state of your battery determines the lifespan of your automobile battery. For example, a battery in a car in a cooler region can last three to five years. On the other hand, an automobile battery may only last one to two years in warm climates.

If you have your battery tested after one year in a hot climate and three years in a cooler one, you’ll know when you need to replace it. If you reside in colder weather, you should look for a Cold Cranking Amps battery.

  • Manufacturer’s manual guide

You can save money by purchasing a car battery instead of going to a dealership or a repair. However, buying the wrong battery for your vehicle will be a complete waste of money. That’s why you’ll need your car’s owner’s manual.

The size of the battery of your automobile must be in the owner’s manual. If you don’t buy a suitable battery, it won’t fit in the battery tray properly, causing vibration and perhaps damaging the battery.

The type of battery required for your vehicle is also listed in the owner’s manual. Such will assist you in choosing one that has terminal positions in the proper spot. If you can’t find your owner’s manual, you can use the in-store fit guide to look up your car.

  • Cost

Spending a bit more money upfront, like with most things, can save you time and aggravation afterward. Investing in a longer-lasting battery with a higher Ampere Hour capacity may help your battery live longer. Nobody wants to be stranded without power. Find a highly recommended battery for your safety, even if it means paying a bit more.

Steps on how to upgrade a smaller 96r battery to a larger battery groupSteps on how to upgrade a smaller 96r battery to a larger battery group

Step1: Collect all the tools necessary

The tools necessary for the upgrading process include the following; a wire cutter, beer, a sharp razor blade, a nut driver approximately 8 to 8.2mm, a cut-off wheel, and cable ties.

Step 2: loosen the nuts and remove the 96r battery

First, find the position of the vehicle battery. You can find it at the front panel of the vehicle after lifting the front cover. Loosen/remove the battery tie-down block on the engine side of the battery with the 8mm Nut Driver. Next, release the tension nut on the ground terminal and remove it from the battery. The positive terminal comes next. Remove the battery from the engine bay and set it aside.

Step 3: Remove the battery tray from its position

First, find the place of the battery tray before removing it. Remove the well nuts and hex bolt with the 10mm Deep Socket. A tree clip secures a wire on the tray’s positive side. To remove the tree clip, pull firmly on that wire. Now is not the time to attempt to remove the tray.

 On the engine side, there is a cable-linked EGR tube that I presume is an EGR tube. Flip the tray up and cut the ties with a flat blade screwdriver from the engine side. For changes, remove the tray.

Step 4: Carry out some adjustments

On the fender side of the tray, cut off both side wings and the catch nubs which are the opposite of the battery, tie down the block. Slice the tape on the ground cable mount positions with a razor. Re-secure the mounting using cable ties after sliding the wire down 1″. Cut the two cable ties that connect the positive terminal to the fuse box.

Step 4: Collect all parts removed during the installation process, including the battery

Replace the battery and try again. Remember to use cable ties to secure the EGR tube. Before you cable tie, make sure the rubber slipcover is over the tube. Also, ensure the fuse box’s positive cable is positioned above the ear on the front of the tray. It will be easier to do this rather than trying to yank the cable out after the tray has been installed. Attach the wire that is kept in place by the tree clip. Attach the positive wire to the clipped wire with cable ties.

Place the battery into the tray. Assemble it to the fender side, leaving a small gap between the back of the battery and the brake fluid reservoir. Replace the battery tie-down block. Install Positive battery terminal. Set up a negative battery terminal.

The best 96r battery alternative

Among all existing 96r battery alternatives, the best alternative is the optima red 35 batteries. Most people prefer them due to their features such as; it withstands harsh environmental changes, it has a unique technology, the spiral cell technology, among others.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What can happen if I use the wrong 96r battery size for my vehicle?

The alternator will be damaged if you use the incorrect automobile battery size. As previously stated, whether the battery is small or large, the alternator will be injured. If you keep using it for short, frequent excursions, a small battery will harm the alternator and cause it to fail quickly. The battery is typically used to power small alternators.

The alternator will finally work to supply the energy flow because of the little cells. Larger batteries, on the other hand, necessitate a significant amount of energy from your alternator. To charge these larger batteries, the alternator must work hard. You are shortening the life of your alternator by making it work twice as hard.


Batteries are essential, but if you use a weak battery before your vehicle, it may ruin the alternator since the weak battery will short-circuit, increasing the work of the vehicle alternator. If you have a 96r battery that is damaged, it is essential to consider using an alternative to replace the battery.

Finally, the article shows the best 96r battery alternative that you can use. Also, when using the 96r battery, it is essential to consider the type of the battery, the model of the vehicle, and the cost of the 96r battery alternative to avoid using the wrong battery.

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