18650 Battery Alternative-3 Battery Similar to 18650 Batteries

A 18650 battery that sometimes people refer to as a lithium-ion cell is a battery with a specific shape in a computer. However, it is quite larger than some batteries like the AA battery. The 18650 battery is rare since few devices use it to provide power for functioning. The devices using the 18650 battery are laptops, flashlights, and devices that consume excess power to function. All this is because the 18650 battery has unique characteristics when working.

Eighteen thousand six hundred fifty batteries are best for use since it has a lower voltage amount of about three and high current hours. However, some alternatives are even better than the 18650 battery that people opt to use if the battery fails to produce enough power to their devices. To use the alternatives in place of the 18650 battery, ensure you take good care of your connection to avoid messing up, then the alternative battery will work to perfection.

The article below discusses the alternatives for the 18650 battery for the devices, including their characteristics and how they work to choose one for use if the 18650 battery fails to work properly. Follow the article to identify the one that fits your car. 3 best 18650 alternatives are;

  • 21700 batteries
  • 26650 batteries
  • 20700 batteries

Alternatives for the 18650 battery

There are many alternatives for the 18650 battery that are better than it but differ in their sizes and the purchase price of the battery. The alternatives include;

1. 21700 batteries18650 battery alternative

Twenty-one thousand seven hundred batteries are unique batteries that you can recharge since they contain lithium-ion cells mainly for providing power to vaping accessories and flashlights. The lithium-ion cell name helps determine the battery’s size and if the battery is compatible with the device.

  • Material: 21700 are different such that they contain protected cells and unprotected cells. The protected cells help maintain the battery state in case the unprotected cells fail to perform properly in the battery.
  • Durability: 21700 batteries are good for use instead of the 18650 batteries since it has more upgrades in its features to sustain the activities the laptops and high draining devices have.
  • Comfort: Its characteristics include that you can use it in vehicles that electrically move and are power cross-breed.
  • Size: It is also bigger than the 18650, making it feel like having more upgrades, hence providing more power to its devices and working over for longer hours without dying.

2. 26650 batteries

26650 batteries
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The 26650 battery is almost the same as the 18650 battery because of the names that can confuse them at the time of purchase of anything when referring to it. They both have flashlights to provide notifications since they are modern batteries and are power vaping.

  • Size: The battery is different from the 18650 battery as it is larger, making it have more power for the device to run without failures in its processes.
  • Durability: The battery can work for longer hours as it can facilitate the work due to its capacity.
  • Power: The 26650 battery operates at lower voltages of 4.2V, unlike the 18650 that operates with higher voltages of about 4.4V.

3. 20700 batteries

20700 batteries
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The characteristics it contains make most people with electric cars or heavy draining devices prefer to use it. Some other devices that use the 20700 battery include scooters, vehicles, battery packs, cordless power systems, and electronic skateboards.

o   Size: When you compare the 20700 battery with the 18650 battery, it is quite bigger as it has a certain size of the cell that maximizes its function when providing power to the device’s engines.

o   Power: The 20700 batteries consume much current and remove them at a low rate depending on the temperatures such that when the temperatures are low, the discharge rate is low, and when the temperatures are high, the discharge rate is also high.

Factors to consider when buying 18650 batteries

Factors to consider when buying 18650 batteries
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The characteristics of the 18650 batteries are the ones that make people choose to have alternatives when using them. The characteristics include the following;

  • Capacity

Capacity is the battery’s ability from the current it holds to the voltage, which determines the power the battery can hold. Most people choose to use a 18650 battery since it has a high capacity of over 1200mAh, while a normal battery has a lower capacity of about 800mAh for the production of power to their engines. Sometimes you can divide the battery to 5000mah when breaking the lithium battery pack.

  • Security

A 18650 battery is of high security to the user since it reduces the chances of burning to the users with cases of overheating the battery, few explosions with the battery, and low pollution and lacks toxic substances in it. The battery provides a good number of battery cycles and regulates the amount of temperature in the engine.

With the manufacturers making the battery, they increase the security issue by placing the negative and positive poles over different positions to reduce the cases of short-circuiting the user. There is also a place to add a protective plate on the battery to reduce overcharging of the battery and discharging it. Security features also increase the battery life span so that you can use it over a long period.

  • The life span of the battery

The 18650 battery has a longer life span due to the number of cycles it contains that is 500 times more than the normal batteries, which increases the lifespan.

  • Functions

Since the 18650 battery has a lithium-ion cell, it makes it have more importance to the battery. The battery is used with electronics like laptops, toys, digital cameras, walkie-talkies, model airplanes, audio equipment, instruments, and portable DVDs. The wide range of fields makes it for use with many people with different devices since it works with many things. However, the reason it is more functional makes people prefer to use automotive energy.

  • Proper voltage level

The 18650 battery has a high voltage of 3.6V, 3.8V, and 4.2V when it receives charge to full. The voltage seems to be higher than the normal batteries in that it provides much more power for the machine. Therefore, you can use the 18650 battery with machines that require more power, unlike televisions that require less power such that when you use such a battery, it will damage most of its parts, causing loss to the owner.

Frequently asked questions:

  •  Can one use an alkaline battery in place of the 18650 battery?

One can use an alkaline battery instead of the 18650 battery as they have almost the same features. The slight difference comes at the size, capacity, and voltages level.

The size of the batteries differs such that the alkaline battery is smaller than the 18650 battery with a few meters in length.  The difference in their sizes cannot affect their functioning in any device as they still provide enough power.

When it comes to the battery’s capacity, the 18650 battery has a capacity of 1200mAh to 3600mAh while the alkaline battery has a capacity of 2850mAh which is not a big difference. The alkaline battery is in the middle range of the 18650 battery; hence you can use it in place of the other. The capacity level makes the alkaline battery cheaper than the 18650 battery that one can decide to buy as it is affordable and used in place of the 18650 battery as they are almost the same. The ability to discharge the alkaline discharges slower than the 18650 battery when working as the 18650 battery discharges ten times faster than the alkaline battery.

Lastly, with the voltage level, the 18650 battery has higher voltages that you have to use more alkaline batteries to be the same as the 18650 battery. Alkaline batteries have 1.2V while 18650 batteries have 3.6V, which clearly shows you need three alkaline batteries to fit the position of the 18650 battery.

However, to choose the best battery for use in your car or any other device, consider asking your device manufacturer to give more direction on the best battery. All this is because some batteries can be larger than the devices due to excess voltages that can damage some parts, while batteries provide less power to the device that the device cannot even start. The batteries are different in their features, functions, and devices to use them. It is advisable to ask the manufacturer to direct you on which battery to use to avoid using batteries that will fail you or damage your devices with excess power.


18650 batteries have different alternatives that some have almost the same features with their functions despite the small differences. The alternatives are good for use when the 18650 battery fails to function properly in your device or machine when using it. The article above provides the alternatives with their features and advantages to choosing one compatible with your machine and is pocket-friendly.

Finally, consider using batteries that fit your machine to avoid causing explosions from excess power the machine is receiving or less power in the engine. If you find it hard to identify the battery to use for your machine, consider contacting manufacturers’ to give directions that best fits your model. Follow the guide above to know which batteries to use even if you fail to identify the best one personally.

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