Battery Similar to Power Wheel-3 12volt Power Wheels Battery Alternative

Power wheels are wheels that children love to use when playing. The wheels are on their toys like cars and bikes, giving them more interest in riding the wheels. However, the power wheel battery can disappoint when it stops working and reduces the fun for the child. The disappointments result from weak power in the battery since it has been working for a long time and needs replacement or some components in the battery like the electrolyte are over.

Therefore when the 12 volts power battery disappoints you or your children consider finding a new battery to replace it for the proper functioning of the car. The batteries are of different types and company each with different volts to provide to the car. Choose a battery that is compatible with the car for faster and easy use of the car or bike.

The article below shows the different alternatives of a 12 volts power wheels battery that one can use when the original battery is weak or provides less power to the car. The battery alternatives differ according to the number of volts and the battery price, as some are expensive while some are cheap. The 3 12 volt power wheels battery alternative include:

Alternatives for the 12 volts power wheels battery

If you have problems with your 12 volts power wheels battery, there are some options you can opt to use since they function the same way and are affordable to any individual. The alternatives are as follows;

1.  Expert Power 12 volts (33ah) rechargeable Deep Cycle Battery12 volt power wheels battery alternative

The power wheel battery above is a deep cycle battery that can work in worse conditions, like when the battery produces deep discharges when you frequently use them. 

  • Durability: Most batteries for replacement do not work through the deep cycle process as it can increase the battery life span, which saves the user’s income for frequent replacement of the battery; hence, people prefer to use the expert power deep cycle battery. The battery above can stay for long with the children having fun with their toys as they can ride for several days before charging the battery.
  • Fit: Even though the battery might not fit the toy, you can modify the car because it is not much bigger than it fails to fit the car since you can remove the outer casing and fix the rest of the body on the car batteries. Not all batteries will fail to fit the car.
  • Performance: The expert deep cycle battery is advantageous since it works for a very long time producing enough power to the engine, the performance rate is very high that it cannot fail the child while riding, and lastly, the deep cycle life takes a long to wear.


2.  Weize 12 volts 18AH Sealed Lead Acid BatteryWeize 12 volts 18AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery

 Weize battery is a lead-acid battery that one can use as an option with the 12 volts power wheels battery. The battery is so that it can work perfectly with the child’s toy car for riding in case of failures with the original power wheel battery.

  • Material: The battery has features that make it unique, including the Absorbent glass mat that increases the operational performance of the battery and increases the lifespan. The battery above works more as you can replace it severally before throwing it away forever.
  • Price:  Moreover, it is cheap, and hence any individual can afford to buy and maintain it when using it. The battery has a cover proof that prevents the child from getting burnt from fire in case of any battery damage.
  • Design: While using the lead-acid battery, remember to use a fuse with a certain amount of current of about 30amps for the new battery to reduce the chances of damaging the children by burning them after using them for a long. In most cases, burning occurs when the battery becomes very hot that it easily gets fire if it lacks a fuse to control the amount of heat. Therefore, ensure correct wiring with the battery to avoid forgetting to fix the fuse to prevent fires.
  • Charging: The lead-acid battery is easy to use since you can charge the battery with the car charger the child uses or an automatic microprocessor-controlled battery charger that is modern. You can program to stop charging when the battery is full. The battery above is the best alternative for the power wheel battery. You can connect it with the battery using the connector and act like the original battery for the car.

The advantages of this battery include that it has absorbed glass mat for absorbing the excess heat from the battery, has an anti-overheat wrap that extends the life span of the battery, is cheap when maintaining it, is easy to use immediately, and has a good cover that prevents the battery from leaking the electrolytes.


3.  ML12 Volt 12AH Mighty Max SLA BatteryML12 Volt 12AH Mighty Max SLA Battery

The SLA battery works by providing the deep cycle process and increasing the working days to surpass the lead-acid battery and the expert deep cycle battery. The battery above is best for individuals whose children are misusing the car toys to replace the battery every time after use. The SLA battery works more efficiently than the original power wheel battery in the car as its design is to work longer.

  • Material: It has an absorbed glass mat that prevents damages from shocks and vibrations of the car when it is moving.
  • Design: Remember to connect a fuse to the battery when connecting it to the car to reduce the chances of burning it when the battery overheats in the car. You need to modify the settings and position of the battery for it to correctly fit in the car and provide power to the engine. Modifying the engine helps reduce the car owner’s cash to buy an exact battery that cannot work well in the car.
  • Price: The SLA battery is advantageous such that it has features of both the expert deep cycle battery and the lead-acid battery, making it work more which is cheap when you compare it with the other two so that anyone can buy it for use with their children’s cars and save money.


Factors to consider when buying an alternative batteryFactors to consider when buying an alternative batteryc


When buying a battery, check the features of the car and weigh if the battery you want can run the engine. If the battery is compatible with the car then the engine will efficiently work with the toys.


Choose a battery that is pocket-friendly to the user for easy maintenance. An expensive battery has its parts very expensive such that in case of any damages it will incur many charges to repair them which cannot be friendly to some users.


The battery must well fit the position of the original battery for the car to run therefore buy a battery that fits the position.


The design of the battery is the external feature which has the material that it must have some good features for the better functioning of the car like the fuse.

FAQs About 12volt Power Wheels Battery Alternative:

  • What is the difference between a 12v power wheel battery and a 24V power wheel battery?

The 12V power wheel battery is in most car toys children use that it works more than the 24V when providing power to the car’s engine since the 12V works with a 13.8V alternator. The power wheel battery system chooses the best voltage to use with the car’s battery for riding.

 The two batteries are different such that they have to work with different paths when riding the car. While using the 12V battery, the car will run well on tarmac roads, grassy surfaces, and stony surfaces, whereas when one is using the 24V battery, the car will have to run on any type of grounds for so long as the car is moving.

A 24V power wheel battery having a large amount of voltage carries more weight than the 12V power wheel system.  Therefore most manufacturers advise parents to buy car batteries of 24V when their children are old enough and heavier and, on the other hand, use a 12V battery when the child is younger, like four years. Age mostly determines the type of battery for use with the power wheel battery.


The power wheel battery is a battery that mainly works in the children’s car toys to provide power to the engine for riding. However, the power wheel may be old enough to fail to work properly where the buyers opt to change the car batteries for use with their children. The article above gives the different batteries one can use for their toys if the original power wheel fails to work properly.

It is advisable to use car batteries with seals that are safe for use with children since most children are careless when handling their car batteries.  Ensure the wiring, and other connection is proper to avoid overheating of the battery burning the child when riding the toy. The battery is a dangerous tool even though it provides power to the car as it causes serious damage to the car and the child. Consider using batteries that are compatible with the toy car to avoid any alarming issues with the battery.

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